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What is a audit?
Effectively it is an audit of our accountability of the community health and its members in accordance with the Codes of Conduct. More specifically the inactive members policy. Making sure that members that are no longer a part of the community are also removed from our website and voice chat server.

In the past, we have waited until the point that the game roster got to max capacity before removing characters that were considered to be inactive by our CoC. This process takes up to 8 hours or longer to complete, so it is very time consuming for those involved. In order to trim this time, the audit will be performed on the first of each month, moving forward.

When during the month?
The audit will take place on the first Friday of each month, and will begin with an announcement so members will understand what is happening.

Who will be affected?
Characters that have exceeded the "active status" outlined in the CoC will be the focus of every audit, regardless of rank.

What do I need to do for the audit?
- In-game
  • Keep your characters active in the community. We understand all have alts. Just log them on periodically to maintain an active status if you want that alt to remain in the roster.
  • Make sure they are properly noted
- Website (only full members)
  • List your alts under your website user ID.
- Discord
  • Make sure your display name matches your in-game noted main, or your website ID.

The only characters that will be exempt from the roster audit will be the characters that own the housing for the kinship crafting neighborhood within LOTRO.
LotRO: Tindomisel, Tinweriniel, Elfaroniel, Erulinde, Luvailien, Uchirtholien, Canyatarion, Denebrian, Maranwethiel

STO: Pasteur, T'pril
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