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Western Gondor

17 February 2018:
Epic Vol IV can be picked up from Eowyn at Dunharrow. This will also get you started on Western Gondor.
Completed all quests through Blackroot Vale with exception to those listed below. Do not advance the quests listed below. Completed 1 Warband. Located 2 Treasure Caches. Completed Orc-slayer (advanced) deed.
  • Epic: Vol IV Book 1 Ch 5
  • Blackroot Vale: Bounty: Tarlang's Fang
  • Blackroot Vale: Voice of the Dead

18 February 2018:
Completed remaining quests in Blackroot Vale up to point of receiving vector quest to Lamedon. Completed 2nd warband. Found other 4 Treasure Caches of Blackroot Vale.

Cross into Lamedon updating the epic in Tarlang's Neck, do not go to Calembel. Proceed to quest Lamedon through the vector quest starting at Dinadab. Complete all quests here until you the vector quest listed below:
  • Epic: Vol IV Book 1 Ch 5
  • Lamedon: Lothgobol and Reports of Corsairs

24 February 2018:
Complete remaining quests of Lamedon - do not proceed with vector to Belfalas.
Complete Bandit-slayer (advanced)
Complete 3 warbands within Lamedon
Complete 6 Treasure Cache within Lamdon
Progress vector of epic to point to Belfalas as well. Book 1 Ch 7.

25 February 2018:
Rode into Central Gondor to unlock stable at Ethring. Do not take any quests here.
Rode into Havens of Belfalas exploring the beacons on the way.
Completed the worm warband.
Quested through Tradent and 2nd quest hub completely until gaining vector quest to Dol Amroth.
Progressed Epic to book 8, did not enter the Elf cave.
You may ride over to Dol Amroth to unlock stable, vault, etc. Just do not take any of the quests or turn in anything in.

3 March 2018:
Progressed epic to vector of DA via Elf cave. While in the cave complete all the quests within the Dead Marshes including the session play. Warbands within the Dead Marshes are optional if you are solo.
Head to the East gate of Dol Amroth (closest to docks) to turn in epic and vector quest. Proceed to explore DA completing all quests given within the city. (IF you have reached level 100, DO NOT engage the DA daily NPCs near the Library).
Once you complete all the exploration quests within DA, you can return to the epic quest. Complete the remainder of Vol IV Book 1 only.
Kill the final solo warband while enroute to the beacon portion of the epic quests.
You should have Book 2 Chapter 1 and Jajax's quest chain for the next session of the group.
If you reached 100, equip your Stone of the Tortoise.

4 March 2018:
Progressed epic to Vol IV Book 2 Chap 3 which is vector to Central Gondor. Remove epic from tracker once at this point.
Completed all of Jajax's quest chain, this concludes all quests of Havens of Belfalas.
Completed Beast-slayer advanced deed. Completed Treasure Cache deed.
Next weekend we will be doing Tarlang's Crown (to include the DA daily quest for the that area)

10 March 2018:
Opened the Dol Amroth dailies. Completed the Bank dailies while working on Tarlang's Crown (completed 12 quests within Tarlang's Crown). Did not do training instance portion of the DA dailies.

11 March 2018:
Completed Treasure Caches in North Downs. Started Angmar Caches. Collected RT quests for these 2 regions.

17 March 2018:
Completed Caches for Angmar, Evendim, and Forochel. Collected RT quests.

18 March 2018:

24 March 2018: Completed main quest chain for Tarlang's Crown. Completed Roving Threats for West Gondor and Misty Mountains.

25 March 2018: Completed deed Quests of Tarlang's Crown. Completed 1st run of Feast of Drakes.

31 March 2018: Completed Warehouse dailies, completed 2 quests of Swan Knights deed. Completed Evendim RTs, and 2/3 of RTs in North Downs.

1 April 2018: Completed Swan-Knights dailies, while doing these quests we also completed Oath-breaker slayer and exploration of Paths of the Dead. Completed Roving Threats of Forochel.

7 April 2018: Completed quests of Tarlang's Crown for members that still needed. Completed Roving Threats in Angmar. Completed Treasure Caches in Southern Mirkwood.

8 April 2018: Will complete Roving Threats for Southern Mirkwood and First of the Heirs instance. This will complete all goals for Western Gondor.
Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

Alts: Cadoressa, Denebrian
#13734482 Apr 15, 2018 at 04:06 PM · Edited 9 days ago
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Central Gondor

14 April 2018:
Epic: Progress epic to point of vector to Linhir.
Regional: Completed all quests in Ethring. Completed Warband in Ethring. Unlocked Roving Threats in Ethring. Earned class trait point from Ethring.

15 April 2018:
Epic: Book 2, Chapter 5.
Regional: Completed dailies of Ethring. Completed Roving Threats and Warband of Ringlo-vale. Found all 4 Treasure Caches in Ringlo-vale. Traveled to Linhir. Updated epic and picked up 3 regional quests stemming from completion of regional vector. Completed 3 Warbands of Dor-en-Ernil.

21 April 2018:
Epic: Book 2, Chapter 7. DON"T COMPLETE THIS.
Regional: Complete all quests in Dor-en-Ernil region until you have only 'A Plea for Aid'. We also completed beast-slayer advanced slayer deed.

22 April 2018:
Epic: Completed only the first set of badges
Regional: Completed remaining regional quests of Dor-en-Ernil to earn trait point. Do not proceed with vector into Lower Lebennin. Completed Warbands, Roving Threats, and daily quests for Dor-en-Ernil. Over this next week complete dailies to earn kindred with Linhir.

28 April 2018:
Epic: Completed badge portion of this chapter only. Do not go to Pelargir.
Regional: Following vector quest that was given in Linhir, quest to the point that you reach Ost Angelbad.

29 April 2018:
Epic: No progression.
Regional: Completed regional quests for Lebennin to include Sons of the Usurper instance for trait point. Completed final 3 warbands of Central Gondor. Only unlock West Pelargir stable.

5 May 2018:
Epic: Progress it to Book 8, we did not run the Epic Battle yet
Regional: Ran Roving Threats and Warbands in Lebennin. Completed daily quests for Lebennin. Completed Epilogue quests for Ethring and Linhir. Completed Orc-slayer (advanced).

6 May 2018:
Ran The Foundry Tier II challenge - instructed all members to complete dailies through the week to get Kindred with Men of Lebennin.

12 May 2018:
Epic: Advanced epic to Vol IV Book 3 Chapter 3 (do not go into Eastern Gondor)
Regional: Completed all quests within Pelargir. Completed explorer deed for Pelargir. Completed Treasure Caches of Central Gondor. Completed Epilogue for Ost Angelbed. All quests and deeds are now completed for Central Gondor. Only run Pelargir duo. (this is a requirement to open the fellowship version)
Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

Alts: Cadoressa, Denebrian
#13769606 May 13, 2018 at 08:06 PM · Edited 1 day ago
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Eastern Gondor

13 May 2018:
Epic: Killed needed mobs for Chapter 3, do not travel to Tumladen.
Regional: Ran duo Pelargir and 6 man Pelargir. Started on East Gondor questing. Quest will lead you to the town of Glaniath. Complete quests until you have 'In Search of the Lost Lord' in your tracker. Do not progress further.

19 May 2018:
Epic: Advanced Chapter 3 to 'find the Crossing of Erui (do not go there yet) *DO THIS AFTER advancing the regional quests (which will also direct you to Tumladen.
Regional: Ran duo Pelargir and 6 man Pelargir. Advance to after the instance Sworn to Secrecy. Pick up 3 quests and stop here.

20 May 2018:
Epic: Book IV Chapter 4, do not progress into Lossarnach.
Regional: Completed remaining quests of Upper Lebennin, with vector to Lossarnach ready to be completed. You may travel to Arnach to unlock stable, do not turn in any quests or pick up any quests here. Completed warband in Upper Lebennin.
Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

Alts: Cadoressa, Denebrian
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