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We have set up invite only groups within the site to better handle communications. Currently the groups consist of 3 officer groups (per rank) and 1 group for the kin crafting neighborhood.

  • What are these groups for?

- The groups allow us to send blanket mail to all members within a specific group, without the need to add people individually or by rank to the send to list.

- The groups allow us to hold rank specific discussion (Commanding Officers or Leadership Council) without the need to create rank specific forum sections for each rank. *Note* Even though there is the general officer group we do have an officer section in the forums, please use the forum to communicate issues or ideas.

  • Who can join these groups?

- The groups are managed by invitation only.
  1. If you are member being promoted to Standard Officer, request to be added to the Officer Group
  2. If you are a Standard Officer promoted to Commanding Officer, request to be added to the Command Group
  3. If you are a Commanding Officer promoted to Leadership Council, request to be added to the Leadership Group.
  4. Once the invitation has been issued you must log into the site to accept it.
  5. You may be a part of more than 1 group and each invitation must be accepted individually.

  • How do I find the groups on the site?

- The groups will be listed under Roster. Hover your mouse over Roster to see the link for Groups.

Command and Leadership members only:

- New discussions added within your group(s) will appear under the Site Activities tab under Activities (noted by a discussion icon). 💬

- You may also subscribe to the group discussions to receive an email when new discussions are added to your group.
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