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#13372700 Jul 30, 2017 at 12:04 AM · Edited over 1 year ago
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29 July 2017: Completed all quests of East Wall. Located Floid and Dewitt in East Rohan. Epic is now at Book 7 ch 9.

5 August 2017: Completed explorer deed for East Wall (needed to swim to Waterfall). Traveled to Mansig's Encampment to resume epic and get to the Wold. Once in the Wold remove Stone of Tortoise. Complete Rohan Awaits quest (quest item from mail). Complete all quests in Langhold. Complete Brigand-slayer advanced deed. Complete Boar-slayer deed. Head into Harwick with the epic. Complete epic to point you have Vol III, Book 8, Chapter 2, do not complete this quest. Complete quest in Harwick until you are kicked out of town (you will see). Complete quests in Feldburg until you have only the quests On Notice! and Scouts of the Enemy in your log. Stop at this point.

*Optional* we killed Cinder and Hanrun warbands.

12 August 2017: Continue quest chains from previous week. Once Harwick questing is completed, the first quest for The Riders Four will open, just outside of Harwick. Complete this before proceeding. Once done continue into chain to arrive at Floodwend. Quest here until have the following quests: Report to North-torr, and Epic Vol III Book 8 Chapter 2.

*Optional* we killed Burgrakh warband.

19 August 2017: Completed remaining quests in The Wold. Progressed quest chain and Epic into Norcrofts. After completing the Epic quests with Ethengels, remove the epic from the tracker (do not proceed to Cliving with it). Complete all non-epic quests within Ethengels. Complete quest chain at the Trader's Outpost near Ethengels. When you have the vector quest to Springview Estate, Trouble to the West (STOP).

*Optional* we killed Urush (The Wold), Haglob and Skutog (Norcrofts) warbands.

26 August 2017: Resumed questing in Norcrofts. Quested until Epic is Vol III Book 8 Ch 8, where you need to speak to Corudan, Nona, and Horn. Have the follow regional quests; Athelward's Judgement, All that Remains, and Wrath of the Reeve.

2 September 2017: Completed all remaining quests for Norcrofts. Epic and regional quests now both should vector into Entwash Vale.

*Optional* we killed Swertriper warband.

9 September 2017: Push epic to Book 9 Chapter 2, do not proceed to Eomer's Vengeance. Complete all quests within Eaworth with the exception of Collect Vale-branches (0/5) from Preparing for the Siege quest. (This is a subquest of House in Turmoil, which will also show as incomplete.) You may complete all other quests in the House in Turmoil meta-quest.

*Optional* we killed Bensengan, Dâl, Mâthum, Mirz, and Urgai warbands.

16 September 2017: Completed all remaining quests within Eaworth. Completed Rider's Four quest once they unlocked. Took vector quest to Thornhope. Complete all quests within Thornhope until you reach the quest Hope from Thornhope. Advance epic to Book 9 Chapter 3.

23 September 2017: Completed remaining quests of Entwash Vale. Completed quests of Eaves of Fangorn (completed Spider-slayer while here). Progressed epic to Vol 3 Book 9 Chapter 4.

30 September 2017: Start by completing the epic instance in Eaworth, then remove the epic from the tracker. Go to vector quest for Sutcrofts and complete all quests for Garsfeld. The final quest here will move you into Snowbourn. Once in Snowbourn quest until you have the following 2 local quests: A Gift for the Westemnet and Restoring Morale. Also get the epic up to Book 9 Chapter 6.

*Optional* Complete all 3 warbands for this area

1 October 2017: Resume questing from previous night. Complete questing through Walstow, additionally epic should update as well during the Walstow questing. Once Walstow quests are completed you will return to Snowbourn. Take epic to Book 9 Chapter 8 (DO NOT travel to Edoras), only take the quest. Continue questing in Snowbourn until you have Thinning the Force remaining in quest log.

7 October 2017: Complete Thinning the Force. When you turn this quest in you will need to go to Fastred in the Mead Hall to get the next quest. Complete all remaining quests for Sutcrofts. There will also be an old friend behind the Skirmish Camp near the waters edge with a few quests as well. Progress epic to Book 10 Chapter 4. Also complete the first Interlude quest from Gleowine's Map. Complete any remaining slayer deeds and explorer deeds for Eastern Rohan. - Congrats East Rohan is completed! -

8 October 2017: Opened quests for Hytbold rebuild and explained how the deeds are best completed for this. Since this is a daily task, members were told to complete them on their own time but to try and do so in a timely efficient manner. Next week will be begin questing in Wildermore.
High Elf Mains: Tindomisel, Tinweriniel, Elfaroniel, Erulinde, Luvailien, Uchirtholien, Canyatarion

Retired Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

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#13483952 Oct 15, 2017 at 03:36 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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{NOTE ON WILDERMORE: There will be many pop-up in this region and quests attached to mobs. These quests are hidden behind the quest chains of the region, so be expected to see quest rings and quests appear as you progress.}

14 October 2017:
Proceed into Wildermore via a road heading West to the North of Harwick. Once in Wildermore head to Thyrmm's camp to update the epic and begin the Wildermore regional quests. Complete all the quests in this area as well as quests in Skylfig. You will be eventually vectored to Forlaw. Once in Forlaw complete the Forlaw exploration deed, by entering various buildings in town. Resume quests up until the point that you have 'A Disturbance at the Gate' quest instance in Forlaw, and your epic is on Book 10 Chap 4 telling you to talk to Widfara in Skylfig.

15 October 2017:
-Do Not Progress the Epic- Resume regional questing from previous night. This will complete most of the questing in the Forlaw quest chain. Stop once you have completed the farms and the quest chain sends you to talk to the Messenger on the quest 'Paralyzed by Grief'.

21 October 2017:
Epic: Progressed epic to Book 10 Chapter 8: only collect the root vegetables on this quest, do not go after the orcs in Whitshaws. Also complete Interlude 2.
Progress regional questing completing all remaining quests in the Fallows and Forlaw, this should also complete Farms of the Fallows explorer deed. Complete quests in Dunfast area until you reach the session play 'The Day the Giant Came', do not do the session play, only accept it.

22 October 2017:
Epic: Progressed to Chapter 9 - do not go to Byre Tor. Complete Interlude 3.
Completed remaining quests in Whitshaws. Upon returning to Forlaw the High Knolls quest chain will open. Get to quest 'What waits at Byre Tor - do not go to Byre Tor.

28 October 2017:
Epic: Progressed to Chapter 13 - do not go to the Ent. Complete Interlude 4 and 5.
Completed all quests through High Knolls. Proceeded to Cerdic's Camp. Stopped here after receiving quest 'Running Towards Nothing'.

29 October 2017:
Epic: Do not progress.
Progress through Balewood quests until you reach quest 'Brancing Out'.

4 November 2017:
Epic: Book 10 is completed. All Interludes are completed. Book 11 Chapter 1 is updated to point back to Sutcrofts.
Completed all remaining quests for Wildermore. Quests of Wildermore and Explorer of Wildermore are completed. Slayers and Dailies begin soon.

5 November 2017:
Completed Wildermore Survivors deed - Battles and Events. Arlynn and Sindarel, speak to me prior to using the rep accelerators you were sent.
High Elf Mains: Tindomisel, Tinweriniel, Elfaroniel, Erulinde, Luvailien, Uchirtholien, Canyatarion

Retired Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

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#13523917 Nov 12, 2017 at 03:20 PM · Edited 1 year ago
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{Note on Western Rohan: This entire area the epic and regional questing will be tied together. You will need to complete to a point in the epic to unlock regional quests and regional quests will stop when the epic needs to be advanced. All quests of Western Rohan reguire completion as they are gated. 5 Class Trait points will be given along the way, 1 for each region.}

11 November 2017:
Epic: Completed all of Vol 3 Book 11. Upon taking Book 12 Ch 1 Eowyn will offer a quest to return to Entwade.
Entwade is the first quest hub of Western Rohan. However, it will offer no quests until Vol 3 Book 11 is complete, so do that first. We are currently 4/7 on the tasks quest here.

12 November 2017:
Epic: No progression.
Complete remaining quests of Entwade. This will conclude with 2 instances from Eowyn. After completion of the second instance Eowyn will give you the vector quest for Middlemead. Take this quest only. Do not take her other 2 offered quests.

18 November 2017:
Epic: No progression.
Complete all quests for Middlemead. Begin questing in Edoras. Do not go to Underharrow.

19 November 2017:
Epic: (after complete Edoras quests), Only carried the first 2 barrels while completing regional quests.
Complete all remaining quests for Edoras, including the Rider's Four. Take quest from Gandalf then remove it from tracker. Do not go to Aldburg. Once all quest are completed in Edoras take the Underharrow quest from Eowyn. Head to Underharrow. Complete the first 2 rounds of quests in Underharrow (2 quests per round). Complete only the tents quests on the 3rd round. The orc quest and 3rd barrel for epic should be left for next group meeting.

25 November 2017:
Epic: Complete up to Vol III Book 12 Chapter 7
Completed all remaining quests for Kingstead and gained regional trait point. While doing the epic, on the ride to Aldburg, only accept the pop-up quests given as you travel along the road, do not complete them.

26 November 2017:
Epic: No progression.
Start by completing the 2 pop-up quests given on the road to Aldburg, before questing in Aldburg. Complete all quests in Aldburg. The quest chain will be both within Aldburg and surrounding woods/fields. You will get a vector to Fenmarch. Along the road you will run into an NPC with a quest that starts the Fenmarch chain. Do all quests until you have the following quests in your log:
  • The Royal Banner
  • The Missing Locket
  • Following a Lead

2 December 2017:
Epic: Progress to Book 12 Chapter 8 (after getting caught up on regional quests).
Resume questing in Fenmarch and on through the remaining quests of Eastfold. The thane of Aldburg will send you to speak to Gandalf to begin quests of Broadacres. If you do not get the quest. Ride towards Stoke. The first quest of Broadacres begins at the guy next to the wagon just before entering Stoke. Quest through Stoke and on through Oserley, completing all pop-up quests as well along the way. (again, DO NOT take quests from the Rohirrim Scouts) Once Oserley is completed ride to the Torsbury vector point. Pick up 2 quests here, do not complete them: (ignore the raid quest)
  • Enemies Abound
  • Stop the Motion
At this point stop questing and ride back towards Stoke, as you leave the Torsbury camp you will receive 2 more quests, do not complete them:
  • Half-breed Calvary
  • Warg-riders in the Acres
Once you are in Stoke, progress the epic as noted above.

3 December 2017:
Resume Broadacres quests. Complete quests until you have these quests in your log. (This will put you in the Mead Hall, do not go outside and complete these quests, nor pickup the remaining quests of this chain.)
  • War is Coming
  • Preparing for the Worst
  • Tracking the Invaders

9 December 2017:
Epic: You will need to have Epic Vol III Book 12 Chapter 8 completed to complete the remaining quests of Stoke. Do this but do not progress epic any further.
Return to Stoke. Complete all remaining quests in Stoke. The final quest instance for Stoke will reward you with a trait point to signal its ending. If you have not spoken to the scout, the vector quest to Stonedeans will be given to you after completing this instance.

Travel to the Stonedeans on horseback (not using stable). The vector quest will point you to a wagon on the road with 2 NPCs by it. Complete their quests. There will also be a pop-up quest enroute to the location of these quest targets. Complete it as well. You may also kill the nearby warband if you choose.

Upon completion of the above you should have 2 quests:
  • Epic Chapter 9
  • Onward to Woodhurt

10 December 2017:
Epic: Progressed to Book 12 Ch 10 - Do not travel to Helm's Dike.
Completed all quests currently available in Woodhurst. Took vector to Brockbridge completing only the sword repair and feeding the soldiers quests.

16 December 2017:
Epic: (Do after quests below) Progressed to Book 13 Ch 1
Completed all remaining quests for Stonedeans. Travel back to Edoras as this is the fastest way to reach Gandalf in Westfold. Ride to Helm's Dike (via road). Pick up all quests at Helm's Dike.

17 December 2017:
Epic: No Progress
Complete quests at Helm's Dike and Marton. Ride to Grimslade to get Stable. Do not progress the vector quest.

23 December 2017:
Epic: No Progress
Completed remaining quests of Westfold. This will complete the final trait point for West Rohan. Quests of West Rohan and Explorer of West Rohan.

24 December 2017:


30 December 2017:
Epic: Complete all of Vol 3 Book 13, Stop with epic once taking Book 14 Ch 1 quest.
Completed Uruk, Trolls, and Warg slayer deeds.

31 December 2017:


7 January 2018::
Epic: Completed Vol 3 Book 14. Epic Vol 3 is now completed.
Completed Herd-creature, Bear and Boar, Half-orc, Craban slayers deeds. Remaining slayer deeds will be completed via Entwood dailies.

8 January 2018:
Began work on the Entwood quest chain. Completed 3/12 quests for the deed.

13/14 January 2018:
Completed all quests of Entwood at least once through. Members were instructed to complete Kindred with the Ents at their own pace and own time. Make sure to use the resource instances to complete any slayer deeds you do not have completed for West Rohan.

--The Battle of Rohan is now officially complete. Over the next 2 weekends we will focus on completion of the In Their Absence story line, The Watcher, Tower of Orthanc, and items members need help with that they may have missed.
High Elf Mains: Tindomisel, Tinweriniel, Elfaroniel, Erulinde, Luvailien, Uchirtholien, Canyatarion

Retired Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

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