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- Thank you so much, Maranwethiel, for being this spotlight of our member profile This Quarter! Tell us a little about yourself and your LotRO experience - how long you've been playing, your characters, favorite classes, etc.

I started playing in December 2011 on Laurelin. I played about 4 months in an Elvish RP kin called Vanimar. My motherboard decided to blow up and when I got a new PC I moved over to Landroval in July 2012. Here I have 1 character of each class. 8 of these characters are in The Alliance, 2 are holding personal kin houses for me. I don't necessarily have a favorite class, but I do have a least favorite, Warden. I find them too complex to play, with those many gambits to remember how to build. That is hard for me to remember when I play 6 other characters more actively.

- What social kin and server events are you involved in? Do you roleplay at all?

I do not roleplay at all, since coming to Landroval; but I do take time to create backstories for all my characters. I am currently leading the Completionist Group. This group has been together now for 2 years and will continue until either we reach the end of the game area content or decide to disband due to reaching level cap. We have a lot of fun here, feel free to join us anytime.

- You're a member of the Leadership Council, how do you like the position so far? What are some details of your role others may not think about, and what are your goals/visions for the kin and our alliances?

Being a member of the L/C has not changed who I am as a person. I still enjoy helping out as often as I can. Aside from that I try to keep the website updated and maintained. I add a lot of guides to the forums to give members and officers steps in the same direction. My goals for the kin is to one day to have a solid group for casual raiding and instance runs, let everyone experience group play.

I also author LotRO Character Log, a deeding project I began late in 2013. It has undergone many changes and updates since its original version.

- How do you feel about the evolution of the game as a whole? Between the game play, social events, middle earth map and kin friendships, do you have a favorite part of the LotRO experience?

I truly love exploring as much of Middle Earth as possible. I enjoy the twist and turns that MadeofLions puts in the story telling given to us. Some of it I admit, has drawn tears or has made me giggle. Having finally caught up with the current story, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for our next adventures. My favorite part of the game still remains to be deeding. I am still working on completing as many of them as I can.

-If you'd like, tell us about yourself IRL.

I am a proud military parent (son is currently in Afghanistan with the US Army), and soon to be (May) grandparent. When not in LotRO I spend time catching up on some of my favorite shows (mostly shows on CW). I also love to draw in black and white. I find it a challenge using charcoal to translate a color image into black and white. I consider myself a nerd of sort, loving Tolkien of course, science fact and fiction, comic book movies and shows.

- Maranwethiel, thank you again for doing this. You're a joy to be around in-game, and we really appreciate all you do for The Alliance.
Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

Alts: Cadoressa, Denebrian
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