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- Thank you so much, Aneluki, for being this spotlight of our member profile This Quarter! Tell us a little about yourself and your LotRO experience - how long you've been playing, your characters, favorite classes, etc.

My name is Linsey in real life and I have been playing LotRO from the pre-release ... (Founding member but not Life timer)
I stopped playing due to real life obligations until last year and I joined the Alliance.
I love the fact that in the Alliance we accept people for who they are and don't judge the differences members may have.
Before I came to Landroval I was on Laurelin server. I was a member of a few kinships there. One was a Dutch/Belguim kin. We did a lot of fun stuff like we do here and we did RL meeting .. sadly we cannot do that in this kin because we come from all over the world. I like that also at times we say Good morning and another will say good night.

- What social kin and server events are you involved in? Do you roleplay at all?

My player-led event in the kin is Storytell Cafe. It is an old merged event that alone didn't run well, but now merged together is a great success, and I think people enjoy coming to them. They are however roleplay events so you must do most of your communicating in character. I do try and Roleplay mind you; I have been gone off and on for 3 years and I have to relearn a lot.

- You're a member of the Leadership Council, how do you like the position so far? What are some details of your role others may not think about, and what are your goals/visions for the kin and our alliances?

Yes i am aren't I? I was asked if I wanted this promotion and was overjoyed. I like helping this kin and all of its members. After some of the hard times we had the last month, I hope I can get the social aspect of the kin back. Lately the chat has been quiet and it seems most of us just solo or PuG. I really hope (once I get more play time again) I can get that back to how it was; the fun back in the kin chat.

- How do you feel about the evolution of the game as a whole? Between the game play, social events, middle earth map and kin friendships, do you have a favorite part of the LotRO experience?

I love it this kin! It is a bit like family away from home and I have made a lot of friends, both in the kin and on this server. I really like the social part of the game and I love helping others in what they need and want from the game. Sadly it does not always go as planed though.

-If you'd like, tell us about yourself IRL.

In real life, most of you know I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids. 2 almost grown and a little one :D Happily married to am old LotRO player (a dwarf nonetheless). Sadly he does not play anymore. At the moment, real life is not so kind to me, as I have alot of pain due to ruptured discs in my back. I do not let this keep me from reading the kin forums and I do try and still come online everyday. I will put in extra effort at least every other Sunday for Cafe. Other than that my other main hobby is crafting artistic cards and gift packaging myself. :)

- Aneluki, thank you again for doing this. You're a joy to be around in-game, and we really appreciate all you do for The Alliance.
LotRO: Tindomisel, Tinweriniel, Elfaroniel, Erulinde, Luvailien, Uchirtholien, Canyatarion, Denebrian, Maranwethiel

STO: Pasteur, T'pril
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