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- Thank you so much, Malvose, for being the third spotlight of our member profile!

Tell us a little about yourself and your Lotro experience - how long you've been playing, your characters, favorite classes, etc.

I've been playing LoTRO for maybe 3-4 years, off and on. Think I stumbled into it, after trying DDO, can't say for sure anymore, but anyways, I'm here now. This is probably my longest, and most enjoyable run without a hiatus.

I have several characters in kin, Malvose, Malgard, Vehrick, and Malboljia. My favorite toon/class is Mal.

- What social kin and server events are you involved in? Do you roleplay at all?

You know, it's funny, because like Roason had mentioned last month, I rolled on Landy to hopefully RP, but haven't gotten into it much. No reason, just haven't done it, outside of watching bands play.

Yes, I know I didn't specify which Mal, or class.

Completionist Group is by far my favorite kin activity. It's a great time, doing content on level, shooting the breeze with good people. I'm happy to be a part of it, and always welcomed, even when my mouth gets a bit sketchy.

- You're a fantastic officer, how do you like the position so far? What are some of the things you, yourself bring to the kinship or would like to bring to the kinship?

I'm very grateful to be an officer, I enjoy it, and am glad to be helping the Kin via taking over Keeper of the Books. As far the latter question, I bring sociability, a slightly skewed sense of humor, and pretty much willing to help anyone I am able to. I hope to help bring some more group activity nights, more capped level content, while trying to include lower to mid level folks.

- How do you feel about the evolution of the game as a whole? Between the game play, social events, middle earth map and kin friendships, do you have a favorite part of the Lotro experience?

Overall, I like how the game has progressed, now I haven't seen "endgame" content for the latest releases, but I can't believe anything has changed that drastically that would make me not like it. My favorite thing...Definitley The Alliance, and definitely the friendship, and camaraderie of CG. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the company of all my kinmates.

- If you'd like, tell us about yourself IRL. :)

Well, let me finish something else first, Malvose, my Rune keeper, is definitley my favorite toon, and class. Range, versatility, micro managing attunement, I love it.

But, RL, I'm going to be 35 in January, I have 4 sons, 17, 13, 12, 2. I have been married for 6-7 years, don't tell my wife I'm not sure.

I work for a company called Daniels Sharpsmart, we are a world wide bio-hazardous waste management company. I am the senior tech over pretty much all of Pennsylvania, east of Philly. And sometimes Philly, and NJ, when needed.

As far as hobbies, other interests, I enjoy woodworking(new hobby, made my son a toy box, I'm pretty proud of.), fishing, watching American Football, when the Eagles aren't sucking as bad as they do this year. And music, I love all kinds, mainly Rock, and Celtic. Always listening to something, when I need to just tune everything out, put the headphones on and forget about other issues for awhile.

- Malvose, thank you again for doing this. You're a joy to be around in-game, and we really appreciate all you do for The Alliance.

Thank you, and I love being here.
Mains: Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Glanhelmion, Eruliss, Nithpantiel

Alts: Cadoressa, Denebrian
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