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1. Site Membership is a requirement to become a full member of The Alliance community, why?
  • All detailed information to community led events is found hidden, behind the public side of the site.
  • All member information is hidden from the public.
  • All officers in the community are required to be site members and understand its tools.
  • You will need to be a site member to view and post in the forums, to let us know that you will be away from the game.

2. What is the difference of recruit rank and full-member rank in the in-game roster?
  • The only game restrictions would be, inability to post to the Community related trades, and use of the Community storage systems.
  • From the website, you will not have the ability to view event details, sign-up for events, or post in the forums.
  • Recruits are members of the kinship and are treated with the same respect.
NOTE: We understand that there are security reasons behind why some members cannot join our site. From time to time we do have to remove inactive members from the game roster. Keeping members who have not registered on our site at the recruit level is only to help us in knowing to not look for those members on the kinsite's roster, please understand this point before requesting to be promoted in-game.

Guide to creating your account:

1. You must first have an account with Shivtr. They are the host of this site. If you have any account issues with your Shivtr account we cannot help you. You will need to contact their technical support team. Click Apply and complete the Shivtr account form.

2. Complete the Application to the game you will joining. Complete the application to join the game of your choice. Please Note - The Main Character should be the name of the In-game character you are applying with. This name will become your Site ID and what we consider as your main. See Player Notes guide for more information.

3. If you are not a member of the community already when creating your site account, please be patient. It could take up to 48 hours for us to review it and catch you online to get you invited.

4. If you are already in the kinship when you create your site account, simply contact an officer in-game to let them know.

5. Once your application is accepted, you can then access the full website and use its tools. Note: You must be logged in with your Shivtr account used to apply to this site.

6. Each game within our community will have its own dedicated application. You must apply to each game you wish to be an active member of.
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