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  • Not in The Alliance Community (PUGs) - Anyone can be invited into the Discord server to make your group experience easier. If the people you invite into your group are not in the community, please use the PUG channel, located in the guest area, for your group.
  • Officers are not to promote any non-community member on Discord. Our Discord server is open for pug members but please do not announce our server info in public channels. Only give it to people as they join your group. Server info can be found in the Message of the Day (motd) in your respected game or HERE.
  • Alliance Members - All Alliance members, regardless of in-game rank, are approved for Discord permission promotion. Please contact an officer in-game if you need a promotion on the Discord server.

In-game Membership Requirements:
Recruit: All new members will be given only recruit status upon joining the community. To be promoted to full membership the following must be completed:
  1. Have read and understand the Code of Conduct
  2. Have completed the probationary period.
  3. Have applied for membership to the community website
  4. Have added appropriate player notes to your character(s) (please see HERE) for an example.

Alternate Characters (alts): Alts are welcome to the community at anytime, regardless of the members rank in the game. To add an alt please see HERE. Alts will not be promoted to full membership rank until the following is completed:
  1. Have added appropriate player note
  2. Community main character has completed probationary period.
  3. Member has also added the alt to the community website roster.

Member Responsibility: It will be the responsibility of the member to contact an officer for promotion on Discord, or in-game. If you are applying to the kinship website it will be your responsibility to contact an officer. We do check the site periodically, but we are not always on it.

Officer Responsibility: Officers will need to assure they themselves have access to permissions on Discord, for member promotions (even if you do not use it). Please do not leave members waiting on other officers to log in to set their permissions. Site applications need to be checked daily and applicants contacted if they did not complete their application or be approved if they are completed.

Please do not promote recruits or alts until verifying completion of requirements, as this makes audits of the roster more difficult.
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