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Honorary Ranks:

Description: These Ranks are only given to members of the Alliance who have serviced with distinction for 4 years or more but no longer have time to play LOTRO on a regular basis. The Ranks will only appear on the Kin website or displayed on the character note from the social panel.


Honorary Officer:

Description: The Honorary Officer rank is given to Officers that have served a minimum of 4 years in the Alliance or were an original Officer under Faral’s command. This rank is not automatically granted to an Officer but must be requested in writing and will be reviewed by the Leaders Council. If granted this rank you will be given exemption from the COC Section VIII: Non Active Kin Members, but you will be expected to act in accordance with the responsibilities outlined below when online.


  • To follow all requests given to you by Commanding Officers in a timely manner
  • To monitor members for violations of the COC and report them to Commanding Officers. Reports should contain the time and date, a chat log of the event and the type of violation that occurred. You will use the website mail system to make this report and CC all Commanding Officers. If immediate action is required and no C/O is in-game, you can approach the member via an in-game tell and explain the violation and request that they discontinue the behavior. Do not take it upon yourself to enforce the COC or hand out punishments without the express permission of a C/O or Member of the L/C. If you are unsure how to interpret or enforce a violation of the COC, stop and confer with C/O and L/C members before moving forward. C/O and L/C can be reached outside of game via the website mail system and can normally respond with advice within 30mins.
  • To greet all members that log on in a friendly manner, and assist members with questions in kin chat, quests or crafting when time allows.
  • To log in at least once every two weeks to our website and keep apprised of current issues and news
  • To review and participate in Officer Discussions on the Website
  • To be aware of all changes to the COC, the recruiting process (including banned players) and all policy changes in the Alliance.


The Alliance is a laid-back kin who believes in real life coming first, we only expect our members and officers to do what they can to fulfill their responsibilities. However if you are repeatedly unable to fulfill your responsibilities your participation will be reviewed by the Leaders Council for possible demotion

Lord Commander (Leader) of the Alliance

May your days be green and golden
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