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Lord Commander (Leader)
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Leadership ranks:

Description: The Alliance is a shared leadership kin that is broken down into 7 positions that are only viewable on the Kin website or displayed on the character note from the social panel.


The Leaders Council:

  • Description: This council consists of 5 Commanding Officers of The Alliance that have volunteered to help guide and lead the Kin. Each individual has the complete trust of the Lord Commander and has the authority and privilege to act on his behalf on all matters. It is extremely rare to achieve this rank and is the greatest honour The Alliance can bestow on a Commanding Officer.
  • Responsibilities: To work with and give guidance to Commanding Officers with concerns on policy and help plan events. To be the representative of The Alliance Leadership when dealing with other Kins, Allies or Standing Stone both in-game and in real life. Finally to work with each other to help maintain and adapt The Alliance to continue being relevant and active. You will follow the philosophies of The Alliance and lead by example, inspiring the greatness within all our kin members.
If a Council Member decides to step down it is asked that they have perspective candidates ready to take their place.

Current Members:
  • Council Member 1: Chancellor of The Alliance - Jaegerlin
  • Council Member 2: Shield-maiden of The Alliance - Maranwethiel
  • Council Member 3: Sword-bearer of The Alliance - Werrick
  • Council Member 4:
  • Council Member 5:

Retired Members of The Leadership Council:
Former Members of the L/C are given the rank of Honorary Officer and will continue to have access to the L/C area of the website, to offer advice and support.

Former Members:
The Hand of The Alliance - Leinhad (no longer with The Alliance)
Defender of The Alliance - Fordil (Honorary Officer)
The Spirit of The Alliance - Niccian (Honorary Officer)
Melin Alassë(Precious Joy)of The Alliance - Aneluki (Honorary Officer)
Quartermaster of The Alliance - Roason (Honorary Officer)

Successor (Lord General):

  • Description: This is a honorary rank given to the Former Leader of The Alliance, Faral.
  • Responsibilities: The Alliance is held in trust by Ralia however if he steps down and does not appoint a new leader, Faral will automatically be promoted.


Leader (Lord Commander):

  • Description: The original Lord Commander and Founder of The Alliance was Faral. On June 2015 he stepped down and gave leadership to Ralia who is the current Lord Commander.
  • Responsibilities: To always put the members of The Alliance first and to create a comfortable fun environment for all to enjoy.
Lord Commander (Leader) of the Alliance

May your days be green and golden
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