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Commanding Officer:

Description: The Commanding Officer is the heart and soul of the Alliance, offering guidance to the Officers while providing the Vice Chancellor with advice and assistance with leading their in-game community. The Commanding Officer can fulfill many roles: teacher, recruiter, policy maker, raid leader and event planner but they primarily function in a leadership capacity when the Vice Chancellor is unavailable. Commanding Officers are given direct oversight of the Officers and Members of the Alliance and take direction from the Leaders Council, but have the freedom to pursue personal projects for the benefit of the Alliance or to focus in particular areas of needs. However if you are the only Officer present in game, assisting members will be your priority.

These ranks are only viewable on the Kin website or displayed on the character note from the social panel.


(Although Commanding Officers will perform regular Officer duties when required, their primary focus is the responsibilities listed below)

  • To be the direct contact for the Alliance on concerns in-game brought forward by the Membership
  • To be a mediator of disputes and give judgment on violations of the Codes of Conduct under the guidance of the Leadership Council.
  • To be the eyes and ears of the Vice Chancellor and advise them on functional changes required in the Alliance.
  • To keep the Vice Chancellor apprised of the day-to-day issues in the Alliance via the website forum or mailing system
  • To help Officers understand their role in the Alliance and guide them though the nuances of the Rank
  • To foster relationships and help guide potential members into Officers roles
  • To assist Officers, with planning and advertising social events and raids
  • To keep the Alliance Facebook page and other social media sites current with upcoming events and news.
  • To keep our recruiting pages current in the in-game forums, wiki and fan pages.
  • To review applications on the Alliance website from new members and confirm that usernames follow the rules of the Codes of Conduct.
  • To review and participate in Officer Discussions on the Website
  • To reinstate or close user accounts on the website as needed.

The Alliance is a laid-back kin that believes in real life coming first, we only expect our members and officers to do what they can to fulfill their responsibilities. However if you are repeatedly unable to fulfill your responsibilities, your participation will be reviewed by the Leaders Council for possible demotion

Chancellor (Leader) of the Alliance

May your days be green and golden
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