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#14205770 Sep 07, 2019 at 08:30 PM
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Real Name: Gillian

Age: 48

From: Ontario,Canada

Years playing Lotro: 8 years at least :) Riddermark in the Golden Khanate and some other kins officer in all of them for most of it. Then Landroval.

Primary Role: Standard Officer

I have lived in Canada all of my life i have been married for 26 years and counting. I have two grown kids and grew up moving a lot due to being an air force brat.( did not marry someone in the military though ;)) I am a happy positive person and i think it comes through in everything i do. I work full time now so it takes me away from the game daily but i do try to make it to the game when i can. I have played Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 in the past still play the latter and occasionally SWTOR. I like to walk and watch lots of movies. As of yet do not have a favourite genre lol.

Main: Arlynn
Alts (Malthaelynn),(Duriyell),(Orodhien),(Govolorn),(Durwea),(Tyraeaal), (Minigovy)
#14205955 Sep 08, 2019 at 08:31 AM
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Hi, I'm Kat! Full name is Katja, 41, from Germany. I live alone with my cat after my husband sadly passed from cancer early last year. When I'm not ingame, I'm working part-time and caring for my mom and aunt who are around 80 and need help more and more.

I have been playing LOTRO for over 7 years now. I started out on Gladden but after a while, I made a char on Landy (Faina!) to attend concerts with a friend. The whole atmosphere and the community on Landroval were so pleasant that I made a full move here a few years go - bringing some friends with me. One of them is our very own Erengolwen and I'm very happy she kept going on about this wonderful kin she joined and brought me here :)

Since I'm working afternoons (EU time) you can find me at odd hours ingame on one of my many alts. And if that's not the case, just shoot me a mail here on the website and I'll get a notification on my phone and get in touch asap :)