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Real Name: Jessica

Age: 45

From: South Carolina, USA

Years Playing LotRO: 4+

Primary Kin-role: Commanding Officer - Keeper of Books - Site Admin

More about me: I am a completionist style player. Love to do it all, but wont skip content to do it. When I play alts I see the world through their eyes, not mine. So, they can do it all too.
I love to deed, and love to quest. Again across all my characters. When I am online I am mostly doing one or the other somewhere in the game.

Contact Me: My 5 most dominate characters are Maranwethiel, Sidhmeldiriel, Eruliss, Nithpantiel, and Glanhelmion. Denebrian is my "Completionist Group" character so is only played during that time. Laraelianor will be stepping back into some playing time too. My other 3 alts (listed in my signature) are currently on extended hiatus.

I most often will be online in the evenings from 5pm-2am server time. Sometimes on rare occasions I may be on at earlier times in the day.
LotRO: Maranwethiel

STO: Pasteur, T'pril
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Main is Rhanti!

Real Name: Anthony

Age: 30

From: Quebec, Canada

Years Playing LotRO: 5

Primary Kin-role: Officer, friendly face, jack-of-all-trades helper, blue leader :D

More about me: ......I am a dwarf. My besty is Poutine, the mousie that follows me wherever I go! I won't judge elves in the kin.....although you won't see me with a bow! If you request help, feel free to do so, I usually quest alone though (with music and shows in the background). I do painting irl too :D

Contact Me: My main is Rhanti (which I log daily at least once). I'm levelling Gabrelsky right now, else I have Phinne, Bindull, Pennylock and Hadud. Send a mail on Rhanti if I'm not online!

Rhanti - guardian - cook
Pennylock - Burglar - Weaponsmith
Gabrelsky - champion - jeweller
Hadud - Warden - Scholar
Bindull - Captain - Metalsmith
Phinne - Hunter - Explorer
From Quebec with love!
Be Excellent To Each Other! -The two Great Ones
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Real name: Jef (yes, only 1 "f")

Age: 25 (from 1991)

From: Belgium

Years playing LOTRO: I'm not certain... somewhere since 2011 I think...

Primary kin role: member of the Leadership Council (Defender of The Alliance)

More about me:

  • In-game: I became an officer after just 1 month in The Alliance, just by helping others with their needs and giving away nice stuff that I didn't need/want. If you see me online & need help, I'm usually able to assist you except when I'm already busy helping someone else or doing some stuff for the kin as an officer.
  • Real life: I like snowboarding, hanging out with friends and (of course) gaming. My game library currently holds some 100+ games, but I rarely get to play them so I limit it to 3 or 4 mostly. Sometimes I get hit by a nostalgia wave and I'll spend 30 hours in 1 weekend playing 1 specific game...

Contact me: In game I currently play my main (Fordil) mostly, but Aurun (guardian) and Nosdun (RK) as well from time to time. You can also send me a message on this site, I check it at least once every day. My in-game time varies strongly, depending on how busy work / RL is.

Other than that: I organize a monthly raid, more info on the events page (look for "events" at the top of the page)!
May the Valar guide you in your travels.
Former Defender of The Alliance - Leadership Council, at your service.
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Real Name: Ryan

Age: 41

From: Vancouver, BC Canada

Years Playing LotRO: 10+ year

Primary Kin-role: Leader of the Alliance

More about me:
I am a 10 year veteran of LOTRO with a Lifetime Membership. Before I joined the Alliance I was the Leader of "Steel Against The Storm" and before that I was the Leader of the "Wanders of Forochel". Both were medium sized Kins that disbanded when core members left the game. After a 1 year break in 2013, I join the Alliance and within 3 months was promoted to Officer. In June of 2015 I was promoted to Leader after Faral decided to take a break from the game. Since that time I have done my best to make the Alliance a welcoming home for all our Members. Having played LOTRO for so many years I enjoy the more social aspect of the game but I will join a raid every now and then. I am a uber crafter, with top teir/guilded characters in all vocations, so if you need anything just let me know.

Contact Me: My current main characters are Ralia and Ralarosa, but you can find me on any of my 11 alts, which is easy to identify because they all start with "Ral" and is the nickname you can freely call me. I am usually on every day between 9pm to 1am (servertime) but I have been known to be on in the morning as well. The best and fastest way to get a hold of me is through the website mail system. Even if I am not in-game I will often be on the website working on something so feel free to drop me a line.
Chancellor (Community Leader) of The Alliance

May your days be green and golden
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Real Name: Poppy

Age: 27

From: England, UK

Years Playing LotRO: 4+

Primary Kin-role: Standard Officer

More about me:

In-game: I joined The Alliance at the beginning of the summer 2015 after a couple of years of solo play. I was a member (and eventually an Officer) of another kin when I first began playing, but we were a very very small kin which disbanded once some of the main players left the game. After a week or so of being in The Alliance, I knew it was the place for me. I was promoted to Officer after month or so of being in The Alliance, however due to RL responsibilities leading me to taking a 5 month break from the game, I returned back to being a normal member. After I returned to the game, I applied for the role of Standard Officer again. Again, I stepped down from my position as I no longer had the time to commit to the game at the end of 2016, and AGAIN once I returned to the game I applied to be re-instated (can you see a pattern here? haha). I'm not the most experienced player or the fastest leveller (it took me 4 years to reach max level on my main Lychee!) however, I am always happy to help others where I can and am committed to the continued success of our lovely kinship.

In Real Life: I'm currently in the last year of study for my BSc (Hons) Psychology degree, this is something I should of completed last summer, however, due to my being pregnant I postponed the last semester (nobody wants to sit in lecture halls when you cannot even fit on the rows of seats haha!). Now that my daughters arrived I have resumed my studies, so between her and my degree my non-game time is pretty much fully booked up!
I live with my boyfriend (hopefully one day I'll be changing this statement to 'I live with my husband' haha) and our three cats, numerous fish and of course 'Tiny Bean'. I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends and various types of music and of course gaming!

Contact Me: If there is something you need from me, my main in-game is Flo (I've fallen out of love with Lychee over time, although I still check her regularly so am contactable in game via her too) who I mostly play at the moment, so this would be the best option to get hold of me quckly. I check the website regularly also, so, dropping me a mail on here will also get my attention. I'm based in a GMT area, so I'm usually on in the afternoon/evening GMT time (12pm onwards server time?).
*Flo, Mumak Menace*

Alts: Lychee, Floh & Maureene.
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Real name : Linsey

Age: 39

From: The netherlands

Years Playing LotRO: 9 years
Primary Kin-role: Commanding Officer

More about me:

In-game:I got recruited by Leinhad at cristmass and i love it right away.
Here ppl are friendly also always some one online to talk to and have fun. i like helping ppl and hope ill get the change to do that for a long time !
I do love to RP and i do that too if i get the change

In Real Life:I am a House mom of 3 kids ( 2 of them still home and one moved out) and i am married to a sweet husband who use to play Lotro too . atm i am not working due to ficical problem
if you want to know more about me you can always PM me :D
I will listen :D

Contact Me: My Main is Aneluki and i also play alot on Miriamelle :D

Nîn velui a lalaith veren nalú en-agovaded vín
(Sweet waters and light laughter until next we meet)
Honorary Officer
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Real name: Martin

Age: 36

From: New York City (Originally from Sweden)

Years playing LOTRO: About 4 years now

Primary kin role: Leadership Council

More about me: I lived 27.5 years in Sweden, 0.5 years in Spain, 2 years in Ireland and now about 5.5 years in the US.
I enjoy learning languages, dancing, programming and playing/singing music. I'm married since 5 years and am generally a happy and helpful guy.

I have always been involved with online gaming (dating back to the good old MUD days using telnet/zMUD) and have always had a fascination for roleplaying. Back in the day used to do quite some D&D and other dice based role playing games.

In other games as well as this I strive to help others and usually end up in some leadership position or other. That's what I enjoy doing.

I strive to improve and learn more while having fun playing. I have 10 characters at level 100 so I have a pretty good grasp on the aspect of leveling however most of the playing I have done has been solo so I am not as familiar with all the instances and fellowship quests.

Feel free to reach out to me if you're feeling lonely and want some company in middle earth :)

Contact me:
  • In game - feel free to send me a tell or mail (see my list of characters)
  • Email -
May the light be with you!

Might see me on as Ullthorn, Runegari, Leandil, Dragoric, Millassin, Vaktur, Gloridel, Cynnaborg or Spelianor.
Can help with any crafting except cook and wood working.

Proud Chancellor of The Alliance, member of the Leadership Council.
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Real Name: Derek

Age: 36

From: Cleveland, Ohio, United States aka "The Rock and Roll Capital of the World"

Years Playing LotRO: 2011-2013 (Dwarrowdelf), 2015-present (with breaks)

Primary Kin-role: Officer

Game Life:

In-Game: I'm not a true completionist, but I do try to get everything done in a somewhat reasonable manner. I like to try see the humor in what could be a frustrating situation like accidental death, bugged instances, etc. Very fond of taking pictures of other kinnies, so watch out! Originally from Dwarrowdelf along with Supermaann. We were in two previous kins together, Night Walkers and Elite Warriors. My profile is here.

Before LotRO: EverQuest from 2001 - 2003 & 2020, World of Warcraft 2011 & 2020-2021, Age of Conan 2011 & 2021. Grew up playing Diablo I & II, WarCraft I, II & III, Dungeon Keepers I & II, Might & Magic VII, Civilization I, II, III & IV, Rage of Mages I & II, Majesty I & II, Doom I, II & III, Quake I & II, Arcanum, DeusEx, Serious Sam TFE & TSE on PC. To this day I go back and play older PC games. Also grew up with NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Master System, Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS. I used to play Magic: the Gathering from 1994 to 2003 and I co-DMed Dungeon & Dragons with a group of high school friends in 2002-2003. We played in my parents' barn that we called the Six Dragons Inn. I am an avid fan of Flash gaming. You can see my Newgrounds profile here.

Real Life

Went to school for audio engineering. Used to run sound for local Cleveland bands as well as national comedy acts. Currently a freelance disc jockey, promoter & graphic designer. Used to play in several bands: Mabus Christ, F*ckbest, Toilet Bear, The Skiffs and Where Are the Drugs. I am a fan of fantasy & sci-fi books and movies. Collect late 80s to late 90s comics. Two cats, Banshee (deceased 2022) & Siren.

Contact Me: In-game or through kin site.
Hanbury Noggler

“Take me with you. For laughs, for luck, for the unknown. Take me with you.”
― Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Alts: Astaldriel, Coronilla, Dzidris, Elifr, Glumthorn, Hums, Lindlos, Morrill, Reinhild, Rums, Sigourwyn, Taeraen, Thandraen, Vilte
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Real Name: Katy

Age: 34

From: Texas, USA

Years Playing LotRO: 7

Primary Kin-role: The Spirit of the Alliance, Leadership Council

More about me:

In-game: I started playing Lotro after Mines of Moria came out, sometime in 2008. I think. My first kinship was Steel Against the Storm, where I met Ralia :) I currently play Niccian, Rosalai, Katerinka, Raynah, Fritzii (with the completionist group.) I have several other alts that I just use for crafting at the moment. I am fully guilded in all professions, and I am always available to try to make anything for anyone, but sadly some of my lower levels don't have the reputation or recipes for certain things. I know a fair bit about the game, but I am not an expert in any one facet. In any event, I am always happy to help with anything I can.

Real Life: Though I've lived other places, I am from Waco, Texas, where I currently live. When I'm not playing Lotro, I sometimes work as an editor, sometimes as a bartender, and I love to read just about everything, especially science and history (I studied geology in college.)

Contact Me: Though I usually log Niccian at least once a day, the best way to reach me is through the website.
The Spirit of the Alliance

-Leaders Council-
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Real name: Scott

Age: 46

From: Chicago, IL, US

Years playing LOTRO: 10 years this coming June

Primary kin role: Officer, hunting things (The Family Business)

More about me:

In-game: Newly sworn officer in The Alliance, I look forward to helping the kinship as we march towards Mount Doom. If you see me online & need help, just ask and Ill do what I can!

Real life: Director of IT for Chicago Public Schools. Father of 5 and lover of all things Tolkien.

Other than that: I will be putting together some in-depth role-play events to keep the spirit of the story of LOTRO alive as well as remembering where we came from (SOA etc...)


Et Eärello
Endorenna utúlien
Sinome Maruvan
ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-Metta
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Real Name: Joe

Age: 62

From: Denver Colorado USA

Years Playing LotRO: 8 year

Primary Kin-role: Standard Kin Officer

More about me: I've been a continual Alliance member since October 2013. I'm a returning officer having been an officer once before recruited as kin officer by Faral. Eventually I stepped down to ordinary member due to personal reasons.

I've been playing MMOs since 1999 & before they were called such. I've extensive time and experience spent in the MMOs: Legends of Kesmai, Everquest 1, Everquest 2, Earth and Beyond, World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, Champions Online, and now Lord of the Rings Online.

Contact Me: My four prime characters: Fader, Nimbien, Oakfen & Serinborn.
The Alliance Commanding Officer Staff

Oak Ripsaw - Champion Serinborn Goldleaf - Hunter
Fader Slipshaw - Burglar Nimbien Fireflash - Rune Keeper
Invicta Tasirinan - Hunter Sluggo Nutcracker - Brawler

It is the sandstorms that shape the stone statues of the desert
It is the struggles of life that form a person's character

We shall endeavor to perservere

The Alliance members & recruits, please feel free to visit my houses at:
1 Twinfall Path, Torn-en-Aduial, Falathlorn Homesteads
3 Ridge Road. Hengestarn Eastfold Homesteads
1 Ridge Road, Hartworth Eastfold Homesteads (Yule Ice Palace)
3 Cape Road, Nelnan, Belfalas Homesteads
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Real Name: Tab! (Tabea)

Age: 26

From: Germany

Years Playing LotRO: 4 or something

Primary Kin-role:
Commanding Officer, Leading Kinband

More about me:

I am that huntress, always talking in kinchat or tells, thus dying because doing so in the middle of a field surrounded by orcs. Also dying by not thinking much and wildly shooting around pulling more mobs then I can handle. I am hoping that one day my Main will reach cap but I am in no hurry ;)
I am always willing to help, though my knowledge of stats and such is limited ;)

RL: I am a nurse (studied one, not very common in Germany) working in the nursing home of my parents for younger adults (18-60)with brain injuries and diseases. Starting my masters in Healthcaremanagement in October 2017.
Have a young sausage dog that keeps me busy and makes me run off my keyboard without having time to /afk ;)
Other than that I love spending the bit of freetime that I have in Switzerland. Making a lot of music in rl as well, playing the violin, singing (mostly in church ;) )...

Contact Me: whereever you want, here, discord, ingame,...
Tab - Honorary Officer

--- TAB IN --- TAB OUT---
Confused by all the tabbing

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Real Name: No its not Pat - Bob or Rob depending on who is talking to me :)

Age: 56

From: Live in rural area close to Cork City - on South Coast of Ireland

Primary Kin-Role : Standard officer

More about me: I have being playing LOTRO on and off for about 6 years, mainly on other servers. I moved my mini Nidge to Landrovel about a year ago and played solo for a while. By chance I bumped in to an Alliance RT raid in Central Gondor one Saturday evening and was invited to join the raid by Werrick. I joined the kin the next day and transferred my hunter Patmustard to Landy during the following months. My other main toon, my RK Pogmahone was started in Landrovel a couple of months ago and I rushed him to cap to be ready for Mordor release. I have 5 guilded crafters on the server now and hope to get a tailor and woodworker started soon. I used to raid quite a bit in a previous life but these days I prefer to be a casual player mostly.

Real Life: I am co-owner of a busy shipping / freight forwarding company in Cork. We started the company 28 years ago and it is still going strong. Luckily I don't have to put in the long hours anymore these days and have lots of spare time to play lotro - I can often spend a quiet few hours during a quiet work afternoon crafting and deeding :) I am married with 3 grown kids - 2 at college and one working. Besides lotro I play golf once a week and am a pretty keen gardener. I mountain bike during the summer if the weather is good.

Contact me
: Have always been known as Pog in the game. When I landed on this server Pogmahone was taken so I was delighted when the name became free a few months ago, which was when I started my RK. Mostly these days I will be on Pogmahone, Patmustard or Nidge and please feel free to contact me if you need any help with anything. I used to lead a lot of Epic Battles back in a previous kin so I guess that is my speciality. Unfortunately most don’t do them anymore unless the Epic line forces to. If you need any help with those please just holler or send me a mail
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Real Name: Ryan (hey! Ralia, we've got the same first name man!)

Age: 30

From: Biloxi, MS, USA

Years Playing LotRO: 8 though it doesn't look like it with Silithrawen barely having entered Moria!

Primary Kin-role: Standard Officer (in training ;) )

More about me:

I'm a goofball who's an altaholic with a Sindarin dictionary. I'll help people out with anything within my capabilities if needed, still trying to get my feet under me and decide who's my "main of mains" between Silithrawen and Angrohaithir. The Mordor update has thrown a lot of my alts into flux as I've been reworking some as High Elves, or just rerolling lowbies with a better appearance.

RL: I'm about to finish a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry in May 2018 and begin job hunting for entry level research positions, especially interested in those dealing with NASA's Astrobiology program. Other than that? I'm a tabletop gamer (RPGs, Wargames, etc) and love to paint miniatures and collect books for my favorite settings and systems! I have a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix named Lissa who tries to hog my attention when I'm gaming "Me Daddy! Me! Me!"

Contact Me: Discord, here on the forums, in-game, I also have Steam (display name: Decimus Marcus Cincinnatus) and Origin (handle: obsidianwolf87)
#13503368 Oct 29, 2017 at 11:58 AM
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Real Name: Kayleigh
Age: 39

From: Akron, OH, USA

Gosh I know I've been playing since Moria came out, maybe even before, so like years. ^_^'

Primary Kin-role: Brand newly promoted officer. If I get a title I'll add it here, but for now, the best damned Gopher in the kin would be a good start cause I'll pretty much do anything asked of me. ^_^'

More about me: I am a completionist player, I have several alts all finishing every aspect of the beginner areas and working their way slowly into the higher areas. Whether it be deeds, quests, farming, or chatting I love and do it all!

If you need me you can Contact Me in game when I am on which will usually be between 5 pm to 11 pm EST USA. But you never know when I'll pop in. ^_~

IN RL I am a hard working girl in a warehouse for a telecommunications company so if your computer or internet or tv lag don't blame me I just work there... LOL.
But I love all sorts of music, movies and books and love to game and write. So go to the kin page and look in the story time cafe for my fan fiction stories, new updates will be coming soon.

Mains: Plutra, Perea and Beldagel

Alts: Meldail, Asada Shino, Rika Shinozaki, Skalbmithec, Suguha Kirigaya.

No matter what aspect of the game it is, I am a role player and usually stay in character unless the situation or chat causes me to glitch for a moment. But I will help with anything if I see some one raise their hand in need from farming, questing, officer duties and such. I am proud and honored for this position and promotion and will do my best and thank everyone. See you all in game and look for a huge HELLO and new quote from me every time I come online as my battle cry and victory of happiness comes to the light!

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Real Name: Moira

Age: 24

From: Massachusetts, USA

Years Playing LotRO: 9+

Primary Kin-role: Standard Officer

More about me: I have two cats and I live happily in a small apartment :) I love to paint when time permits and to write songs! I went to college for a few years for psychology, and would love to go back to be a vet tech!

Contact Me: I'm usually on my main, Kathrinina. Lately I've been on my burg Ivrawyn.

Alts : Kathriena Ivrawyn, Faerethil, & Seportha
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Real Name: It's a secret :). But two of my characters are named in honor of my parents: Roason (son of Roy), and Belois (Be Lois - tried to make her look like my mom, except my mom doesn't have pointy ears - and my Mom has a way with animals and Belois is an LM).

Age: 57

From: East Orlando, Florida USA

Primary Kin-Role: Leadership Council, Quartermaster of The Alliance, owner of the crafting neighborhood.

More about me: I've been playing LOTRO since some time in 2011 after I found a Moria Boxed set in a bargain bin in Best Buy for $5. I wish I had known about it sooner. I initially started on Dwarrowdelf and built up 8 toons over the next 18 months; then I decided to make a move to Londroval because of the potential for RP - which I never actually did much of once I got here. Go figure. I was in several kins and became an officer in each. The last before The Alliance was Middle Earth Crafts and Wares (MECAW). I liked the idea of that kinship because I'm a very dedicated crafter - but the size was small and the leadership wasn't all that interested in expanding. I specifically went looking for a new home and based on some recommendations in World (!? - ikr) - I moved one of my toons over to test the waters and about a month later moved all of the rest of me over. And there is a lot of me to move. While in MECAW I had already started the process of building my housing empire. This was in late 2015. During the server merges I moved all my toons over from Dwarrowdelf - and have added several since. I now have 34 toons on my main account, and have 25 other accounts - all told I have over 70 toons on Landroval.

Real Life: Home life - married for 30 years, 3 boys (one is married), 1 grandchild - and they all live with me... Professional life - I am a software architect working in the Military Simulation industry; other interests: I'm one of the elders (shepherds, bishops, pastors - pick your title) with the congregation I'm a part of; I like to sing - I am a member of several ensembles that perform acapella music - one group does hymns, another a mix of more challenging hymns and more challenging literature (we performed Barber's Agnus Dei last year), and a third that was just formed will perform among the most difficult pieces we dare to try. Each of these ensembles is drawn from the other - the hymn singing one is around 150 strong - the middle one is around 40 - and the newest one is 16. I'm a Bass II - which if you hear me in Discord (which I avoid like the plague) - you'll not find surprising at all. Two of my sons sing with me - which is a true joy. I help with these groups by preparing practice tracks (part dominant MP3's) - which I make by typesetting the music using Lilypond which can produce the MP3's as a byproduct. Some day when I get the time I'll start making some ABC files. I play classical guitar (theoretically - I haven't practiced in years sadly); so I'm interested in trying my hand at transcribing a bunch of classical guitar music.

Contact me: Lately I mostly play Forothiel my top level hunter. But I rotate through my other toons quite frequently. I stop in on Roason quite often - at the worst once a week. If I don't stop in more frequently his mail will backup. I spend much of my time maintaining the crafting neighborhood or leveling my insane number of alts. Other frequently visited toons are Bronaben (my new High Elf warden who will be replacing my current CG toon), and Zipporah my level 95 Captain and current active member of the CG. I play a fair amount - most every day - usually in the evenings after I get off work. I love to help folks and particularly like to help people with their crafting.
But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. -- J.R.R. Tokien, The Two Towers
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Real Name: Rebekah (no nicknames please!)

Age: 37

From: From... hmmm. So I was born in Georgia, spent 3 months there. Moved to Kansas. Moved to Arizona. Moved to California. By then I was 4. 20 years later I moved to Colorado, then moved to Washington, then chose to become 'homeless' to stay with my brother in California to help with his 2 new babies since his wife had just gone back to nursing school. I stayed homeless in order to travel the world until I was about 30 (about a year and a half) then settled in Kentucky. Tragedy and trauma caused me to flee Kentucky so I moved back to Washington to be with family. Then I moved to Missouri for a year and a half, then back to Washington again. So, I dunno where I'm 'from' but I live in Washington state.

Primary Kin-Role: Standard Officer, cow-friend & happy helper

More about me: I love to travel (thank goddness), reading, binging TV. I have gone to college for history and art (but not art history, that's the most boring thing I can imagine). I used to knit and crochet but due to ulnar neuropathy in both arms/hands I can't any longer. I also used to draw/doodle/art stuffs, but also, not since my arms went whack. When I was 27 I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and am an advocate for mental health awareness. I also have physical limitations but I'm in physical therapy now and it's working wonders. Because of my disabilities I am awake and asleep randomly and don't get to control it. I try to remain optimistic and bright and should honestly hate the world but I don't. :D I've been MMOing since a long time ago.. I have played Rubies of Eventide, Horizons, Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, FFXIV, Diablo 3...

Real Life: I live with my boyfriend (who also plays and has 2 characters in the kin) and my cat Shadowfax. I live in my grandpa's house, but he's currently staying with my brother and sister in law and we're not sure if he is ever going to want to return here. I don't do anything special. I hate being disabled and wish I could have a real job, so now I fill my time trying to be active in kin, making new friends and re-organizing this house that I've seemed to inherit.

Contact me: I'm not really on one character more than others. But, here's the list:

Kin Main: Clubs - 33 champion - some level of weaponsmith, technically joined the guild... (he feels so abandoned, my poor dwarf)
Gallindwe - 115 minstrel - Doomfold scholar, guilded
Breghiranor - 78 hunter - Doomfold tailor, guilded
Gwenybain - 61 runekeeper - Doomfold cook/farmer, guilded
Essandra - 22 captain - Eastemnet jeweler, working on guild
Erynira - 23 loremaster - slogging through tailor again just so she can craft relics because hides are easy to come by
Portiana - a pack mule I have parked in the crafting neighborhood from an alt account.

Annuiol - 30 warden - working on woodworker/guild
Virswyn - 33 guardian - doomfold metalsmith, guilded
Gutheryth - some level of captain, used to be my farmer, I don't really log him much
Carahlain - a pack mule for my main account that I use to store all my buffs, rep, cosmetics, decorations, etc and manage my 3 houses

~Standard Officer and Keeper of Cows

Clubs - champion, weaponsmith (one day)
Gallindwe - minstrel, guilded doomfold scholar
Gwenybain - runekeeper, guilded doomfold cook/farmer
Breghiranor - hunter, guilded doomfold tailor
Essandra - captain, guild in progress jeweler
Erynira - loremaster, tailor (sigh)
Annuiol - warden, guild in progress woodworker

Virswyn - guardian, guilded doomfold metalsmith
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Real Name: Byron

Age: 19

From: Georgia, USA

Years Playing LotRO: Since 2010: Imladris 2010-2013 Landroval 2014-now Arkenstone 2017-now (creeps only)

Primary Kin-role: Standard Officer

More about me: I have lived in Georgia all my life. I absolutely love playing LOTRO, I mainly fooled around for a little bit for the last 7 years, but now because I am getting to see the beautifulness of LOTRO, I am getting to be more of a serious player, when I find time outside of studies, work, and reading. I LOVE reading, when I say 'LOVE', I don't just mean read every once in a while, I read ALL THE TIME, I just recently got the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Tolkien Reader, and Sir Gawain and the Green Night, and I am extremely excited to find the time to read them. I am a bit of a literature nerd, since I like to read and all, but I am also in the process of writing my own novel. I also really love Star Wars. Star Wars: The Old Republic was my favorite MMO until I got back into LOTRO. I have also dabbled a little into WoW, especially on the WoWFreakz private server, but have not played it religiously. I am also fluent in the world of music! I play Trombone, but can also muster a few notes on Baritone and Tenor Saxophone.

Contact Me: Knowing me, I will be on one of my random toons, I believe 9 in the kin as of right now. You can check the officers player notes for me, Gholdorre, but you are more likely to find me playing on either Gholdorre or Nathandril, my main champ and my main hunter.
"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."

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Ace is my real life nickname, I have the tattoo to prove it LOL It all goes back to playing Spades in Job Corps in 1997....

I'm 40 yrs old, 41 in December...

I'm in the Blue Ridge Mountains about 25 minutes north of Asheville North Carolina on the Tennessee line, USA.

I've been playing LOTRO since 2014, I signed up in 2013 but I still had dial up (Mountains) and when I finally got DSL I made a new acct. I gave my original acct to my mom who plays from time to time.

Primary Role in Kin: Standard Officer

I grew up in Georgia (all over but mainly Newnan), I have a 19 yr old daughter and am on my second marriage (This time to the right guy, he's the absolute love of my life). I moved to North Carolina when we got married. LOTR actually brought my husband and I together in a way. We met on a now defunct site called Shirespace. LOL He absolutely ABHORES Video games, but I'm still trying. I am an in home aide, I take care of the elderly in their homes so they can stay in their own homes as long as possible. I absolutely LOVE my job, most of the time. I own a beautiful (almost) 2 yr old BLM Mustang. I'm training her myself. I have had horses my entire life and I used to be a 5th gen Barrel racer, I placed 27th out of 500 horses in 1994 National Finals. It was my first year back after a major injury, the next year my horse was injured and I discovered cars and boys. My 18lb Manx Cat is my baby, and I absolutely adore Pitbulls. The only other RPG I have played was Wizard101 with my Daughter and Mom lol. I'm a HUGE Stephen King fan and I love to read.

Contacting me: In game mail to Aydha is probably the best way but you can also mail me here on the site.

Current Mains-Aice- Champ, Acewen-LM and Acealea-Mini

~United We Stand~