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The Completionist Group is a leveling group of players, geared towards completing all quests and deeds in each area while using the [Stone of the Tortoise] to keep each area on-level as to not over-level the content.

Quests will be ran in a fashion as to remove as much of the wasted travel as possible, teaching members some efficiency. Basically what this means is you will learn the best path and order to do quests so you are not running back and forth excessively.

In addition to the [Stone of the Tortoise], members will be limited on their crafting. You may craft on the character if you choose. However, when you craft your character must have the stone equipped and it must be done at a time that does not conflict with the group. As in, no resource farming during scheduled group time, etc.

We run two days each weekend. Please see the most current status of the group progress to know the days and times of the group. All times for the group will be in Server time. If you have any questions or would like to join us, reply to this thread with your in-game character name and class.

Remember, it is level restrictive. We will not allow over-leveled characters into the group. Getting caught up to the point of the group will be solely up to people wishing to join the group.

The Completionist Group works entirely as a group, no solo mentalities will be tolerated. Discord is required to be a member of the group. A working set of speakers or headphones is required; microphone is optional. Don't speak if you do not wish to do so.
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