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Section I: Membership

  • The Alliance is a Free Peoples kinship; meaning it contains all player races for Lord of the Rings Online [LotRO]. All Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, and Men may be invited into this kinship, provided the human player behind them meets an age requirement of no less than 18 years of age.
  • All interactions and communications in the Alliance is in North American English, so it is helpful if you possess basic comprehension of the language. You will not be denied membership if English is your second language.
  • The Alliance is barrier free which requires all members to be aware and respectful of our diversity and the cultures/background we represent.
  • New Recruits will remain at provisional status (Recruit) in the kinship roster until a 10 days probationary period expires and they have joined the Alliance website. This period starts when the player has joined the Alliance in-game as a Recruit and once expired, it is the recruit responsibility to contact an officer to review their membership for promotion.
  • When you register on the website please use the name of your Main in-game character. This helps the leadership quickly identify who you are.
  • Alternate characters (Alts/Toons) of members may join the kin at any time an officer is present. You are required to update your player note in-game to identify your Main Character in the Alliance and add these alts to your website account.
  • There is no level requirement or game experience requirement to join.

Underage players; those less than 18 years of age may be accepted for membership only under special circumstances:

Age: 15-17
  • The applicant has a parent/guardian or close relation over the age of 18 that is a full member and is willing take all responsibility of any violations of the COC caused by the underage member.
  • (or)The applicant have been vetted and approved for membership by the Leadership Council or a Commanding Officer.
  • (or)The applicant agrees to a trial membership where they will be subject to a 1 month probationary period starting from when they join the Alliance as a Recruit, in-game.
Age: 13-14
  • The applicant has a parent/guardian or close relation over the age of 18 that is a full member and is willing take all responsibility of any violations of the COC caused by the underage member.
  • (and)The applicant have been vetted and approved for membership by the Leadership Council.
  • (and)The applicant is required to serve a probationary period of no less than 1 month, starting from when they join the Alliance as a Recruit, in-game.
Age:12 and under
  • No Admittance(Special Consideration can be authorized by the Leaders Council in rare cases)

If at any time during the probationary period, the applicant violates the COC it is grounds for immediate expulsion.


Section II:Member Conduct

As a Member of the Alliance you are a representative of our Kin and your conduct reflects upon us all. By agreeing to the Codes of Conduct you are required to behave in a civil and respectful manner when:

  • Participating in-game activities such as group events/raids, solo game-play, deed/virtue grinding and Roleplaying
  • Using any written and/or VOIP communication channel either in-game (in LoTRO client) or on private communication servers
  • Posting on the LOTRO/Alliance forums and social media pages/groups

Topics of concern:

  • Religion/Politics: We STRONGLY discourage discussions pertaining to politics and religion in the kinchat. If ever there were two subjects bound to cause intense conflict, it would be those. If you must discuss those subjects, please take it to a private chat.
  • Sex: No derogatory remarks concerning gender bias, gender expression, sexual orientation. Intercourse should not be discussed in kinchat.

Further Topics can be found under: Section VI: General Etiquette

Alliance VOIP Policy:

Global Channels will be considered as the Lounges (Public and Member), Private Channel will be considered a group concentrated channel (3-man, 6-man, Raid, PVMP in the Public or Member domain).

Global Channels Policy:

All channels considered to be Global [Alliance Public Lounge / Alliance Member Lounge] are to follow the terms of chat as outlined in the Alliance Codes of Conduct. Please see and for clear definition of kinship chat policies.

Private Channels Policy:

All channels considered to be Private [Group-based channels] may be used as the group themselves can agree upon with mutual understanding and agreement. What is meant here is that you may discuss topics in a private setting using language you and your group agree upon.

If someone enters the channel, the group must cease that discussion and use of language immediately. The group must explain the topic of discussion and the language being used to the new member before returning to that topic or use of language changed. If at any time the discussion or language is asked to be ceased by any of the group members, then it should be mutually ended at that time.

If the group is in the channel solely to perform game activity and you join the channel, be respectful and to not interrupt what they are doing. You may "listen in", but do not engage in chat if you are not participating with them in-game.

Muting of VOIP members:

Muting of fellow kin-members is highly discouraged as it can cause issues during a group/event situation or chat in Global/Private channels. A person speaking may talk over a member they have muted, which will cause confusion for other members involved. If you have issue with another member we ask that you do not mute them. Either move to another channel, discuss the issue openly with that member to resolve it, or ask an officer to mediate a resolution.

The use of common sense and general courtesy ensures that everyone can enjoy a positive, safe and fun environment in which to play LOTRO. This is the essence of the Alliance and we thank our members for conducting themselves in this manner.


Section III: Roleplay

  • Please note it is the policy of the Alliance to not distract or interfere with players that are roleplaying, unless you have been asked to join in. If you would like to participate send a tell to roleplayer asking to join and if they do not respond, just move along. Landroval is a RP server and interfering with players doing so can result in a 24 hour ban by Standing Stone.
  • Roleplay is optional for all members of the kinship; however, we ask that members who do choose to roleplay know a little about the person behind the character before accepting roleplay, especially if roleplay will involve a romantic relationship between the characters. We understand the characters belong to the members but we also wish to protect members that could be children from adult oriented roleplay. Do not hesitate to ask members who wish to roleplay with you their age.
  • The kinship itself has no preferred method of roleplay style. That will be left entirely up to the players behind the characters. Establish your own rules and methods among those you choose to roleplay with and have fun with it.


Section IV: Groups

  • There are multiple sizes of Fellowships that can be formed within the game, from solo to 24-player raids. We encourage members of the kinship to ask other members of the kinship to join them on whatever they do; from quests, to deeds, to instances and raids.
  • Members of a group will be instructed as to who the leader of that group is and also be expected to follow that leader’s instructions. (please put your audio on so that you can hear the leaders instructions ... if you cannot do so please do not join). Good grouping does not include members running ahead of the group, not listening to instructions and not knowing good grouping behavior [example: don’t pull aggro from the tank - all instructions on proper grouping of all sizes and types are on our website. Please read and understand them before signing up for any groups]
  • We ask members to be patient and respectful of others and understand we all have real lives outside of the game that will at times cause wait time. We ask members to please inform their fellowship members when they need to go away from keyboard and a rough estimate of how long they will be away. We also ask members if your away time will be longer than the time it takes to complete the fellowships goal, to please volunteer giving up that spot if another kinship member wants to join. If you ask any groups to wait around for you to join them ... give them an accurate time frame in which they can expect you to join .... anything more than a few minutes is too long.
  • Tolerance of play styles should also be considered, especially in the case of running instances. Please do not get impatient if members ask questions about the instance, or if they want to run in it differently than what you would want. For example if you are used to speed running the instance to kill the end boss and they want to do a full clear for deeds, have this understanding from the start, before deciding to join the fellowship.
  • Loot on Official Kinship Only raids will be distributed on a Need basis for the characters (not players) in attendance. If an item drops and there is no class/race/trade/level in attendance that needs it, the item will be placed in storage or distributed to a member of the kin that can prove a need for it.
  • Loot will not be given to someone who has an alt character that can use it, when the alt character is not a member of The Alliance.


Section V: Crafting

  • The Alliance has many members who are maxed with the crafting guilds and will freely craft any item requested by members. Requests for crafting can be made in the Kin chat or the Crafting Request Area of our website.
  • The member requesting crafted items is always responsible for supplying materials and special components (crit. items, shards, symbols, ...) according to list received from craftsman. Please respect the craftsmen's willingness to help you and allow them ample time to complete your order.
  • Members are also encouraged to place excess materials they may want to sell in the Auction House [AH] under the kinship only option at a reduced buyout with a starting bid equal to item cost. This will give members of the kinship a cheaper way to purchase needed items while allowing members to also generate some income.


Section VI: General Etiquette

  • Foul language: In general the occasional swear word is acceptable in Kin chat or spoken (VOIP) communication. However, gratuitous and excessive use of vulgar foul language is not. Also foul language used to bully, sexually or racially discriminate or harass members is not tolerated. A member that engages in this type of behavior can be subject to immediate review and could face dismissal from the Alliance.
  • Asking For Gold: Please do not ask people, even Kin members, for Gold. Asking for Gold is in bad taste and puts people in an uncomfortable and awkward position.If you are in need of Gold, we would be more than happy to teach you methods on how to make it.
  • Real Life Requests for Financial Aid: There are points in our lives that we all fall on hard times and reach a point of desperation. Although the Alliance sympathizes with your plight and many members would be willing to help, it is against kin policy to directly ask for financial support from our members. Doing so will result in a verbal or written warning, review of your membership and possible expulsion from the Alliance.
  • Requests for In-game assistance: The Alliance is here to help you through your travels in Middle-earth, we have many experienced Members who are willing to give you advice on game play and to craft items that you may need as you level. We do however ask that you are respectful of our Members game time and before requesting assistance or asking question, to take a moment to do some research . Most everything you would want to find out about LOTRO can be located at either of these websites: or If you still find that you need help your Kin mates will always be willing to offer advice and guidance. When you need a hand with a quest and have already tried it yourself unsuccessfully, you may request assistance in Kin chat. Please give time for members to respond and understand that it might not be possible to help you at that time. Alternatively you can also post on our website what you need help with and when you will be in-game. For crafting requests please refer to the COC Section V: Crafting. It should be noted that spamming or harassing requests for assistance is prohibited and will be considered a violation of the COC which will result in a investigation of your conduct.
  • Reselling Gifted or Requested Items: It is against kin policy to resell a requested crafting item or a gift without the express permission from the member that sent it.
  • Selling Items in Kin Chat or VOIP: Although we encourage our membership to trade and share items in Kin Chat and via systems outline in Section VII: The Alliance House Chest, It is against the COC to directly sell items or services via Kin Chat or VOIP.
  • Bragging: We all want to celebrate after the hard fought raid and got that dream item you always wanted, or when you finally get to that elusive level or a deed that has taken forever to finish has been completed. Your Kin mates love hearing about your accomplishments and posting them in kin chat or the website is a great way to do this. However it is not acceptable to excessively brag about your deeds or put down members in the process. If a complaint is filed with an Officer about bragging, your conduct will be reviewed by the leadership.
  • Power leveling: The Alliance is here to help you when you need us. However, as stated in Section VI of the CoC (Requests for In-game assistance), we kindly ask that you attempt to do it on your own before asking. We love to help our friends when they have an issue, but we do not see "not being at level cap yet" as an issue, so please refrain from asking others to power level you. There are plenty of regular instances/raids/groups getting together where you can help each other grow, and that is fine, but hounding fellow members for help just for the sake of leveling will not be tolerated.
  • Griefing: Defined as the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering. It is NOT acceptable for a Member of the Alliance to engage in this type of behaviour and it is a violation of the COC. If found guilty of this action you will be subject to the rules found in Section IX: Violations of the Code of Conduct (COC)
  • The term Griefer and further examples of this kind can be found: here
  • Sparring Requests:Sparring is a fun part of the game and many people enjoy it. You are welcome to request to Spar a member at anytime but please respect people boundaries. If your request is denied please do not continue sending requests or belittle the member for not wanting to. Not only is this in bad taste but it is also a violation of the COC.
  • Live Streaming: Members are allowed to live stream/record the game however due to privacy issues, you are required to mask kin chat so that it is not visible to the general public. The method used to mask chat is up to the individual but it must cover the majority of the chat window. It should also be noted that accessing The Alliance website (when you are logged in) during live streaming/recording is prohibited due to the sensitivity and private topics covered in our forums.


Section VII:The Alliance House Chest:

The house chest is available for FULL MEMBERS to share items with the kin. Every month the chest is cleaned out by an officer and all items are sold with the proceeds going directly to pay for house rent or to fund kin events. Leading up to and during events at the kin house the chest will be locked to officer use only.

The house chest is NOT the preferred way of sharing items in the kin and it is STRONGLY recommend that members use the following methods:

  • Posting in Kin Chat: This is the quickest way to share items but is not the most effective because you are limited to who is currently online. If you chose to use this method please announce your intentions before posting and avoid posting the items more than once unless you are asked to.
  • Kin Auction House(KAH): This is the most effective and PREFERRED method to share items with fellow members. Members are encouraged to place items they want to sell in the Auction House [AH] under the kinship only option at a reduced buyout with a starting bid equal to item cost. This gives members the ability to check items from any major town, at anytime and will also save on the personal ports and mapping skills required to get to and from the House Chest. It is against kin policy to buy discounted items on the KAH and to resell these items for profit to the general public.
  • The Trade Market: The Trade Market section on the Alliance website that allows members to post items that they would like share or if they have need of a particular item. The benefit of this system is that you can post at anytime and do not have to be in game.
  • Typical items that can be shared: Crafting material (ore, wood, hides, scholar material) crafted equipment, class items, food, equipment and housing items, and purple level 100 essences, 1st or 2nd age legendary items etc.
  • DO NOT place non-critical crafted items or under level 100/low tier essences in the housing chest or post on the KAH
If you have special, rare or expensive items you would like to donate to the Alliance we have a special storage chest for these items that only the Leadership can access. Please mail these items directly to any member of the Leadership Council or Commanding Officer of the Alliance.

  • Typical items considered for special storage: 1st age Legendary symbols, rare crafting material (shards), level 100 teal/gold essences, rare armour or equipment, or rare housing decoration


Section VIII: Non-Active Kin Members

It is a requirement that all members of the Alliance who plan to be out of game for longer than 1 month post to the "Taking a Break" Thread. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the kin or demotion of Rank after a predetermined length of time. Activity status will be based on the last log-in date of your main character:

  • Recruits: will be removed from the kin after 30 days of inactivity.
  • Full Members-(Level 49 And Below) will be removed from the kin after 40 days of inactivity.
  • Alternate Characters-(Any level) will be removed from the kin after 50 days of inactivity or if the claimed main character is removed.
  • Full Members-(Level 50 And Above) will be removed from the kin after 60 days of inactivity.
  • Standard Officers will be demoted to Full Member standing after 45 days of inactivity. Standard Officers that return to the game after being demoted will be given the option to be re-instated with the support of a Commanding Officer or The Leaders Council.
  • Commanding Officers will be demoted to Full Member standing after 45 days of inactivity. Commanding Officers that return to the game after being demoted will be given the option to be re-instated as Standard Officer, with the support of The Leaders Council.

In-game Activity and Character Definitions

  • Active Status is defined as the time period you have last logged in, in relation to COC definition of non-active kin member.
  • Main Character is defined as the character you initially joined the kin with, that is also used as your kin-site ID, unless you define another of your characters as your main during the recruitment and on condition that this character joins the kinship within 10 days. All actions in the kinship are based on your kinship main character (not your personal main character), including your activity. To make sure your main character remains in an active state, you must login at least once every 30 days.
  • Claimed Alternate Character (Alt)l is defined as character that has been claimed by a member by listing their Main Character name in the players note of the kin list, in-game. If your Alt is claimed but is not in active status but your Main Character is, your Alt will not be removed.
  • Unclaimed Alternate Characters (Alts) is defined as characters that have not been claimed by a member by listing their Main Character name in the players note of the kin list, in-game. If your Alt is unclaimed and is not in active status, your Alt will be removed.
  • Changing your Main Character is permitted but not advised. The only "function" of your main character is to identify your alts under one name. Changing your Main Character requires changing your name on the forums (which must be done by an officer, preferably Maranwethiel) and easily creates confusion among members and officers both.

Former Members that wish to rejoin the Alliance, will be allowed to bypass the 10day review period if they agree to follow the current COC.

If you have been banned from the Alliance you must follow the process outlined in Section IX: Violations of the Code of Conduct (COC): Second Chances


Section IX: Violations of the Code of Conduct (COC)

The Alliance does its best to create a safe and fun environment for all our members and we take violations to the COC very SERIOUSLY.

If you believe you have witnessed or been victim of a member violating the COC please chat log or copy/paste the conversation and send a mail, in-game or from our website to one of our officers. Your complaint will be reviewed by the leadership and if the member has been determined to have committed an offense, disciplinary actions will be taken.

If as a member of the Alliance you have committed a violation of the COC, you will be given a chance to defend yourself and give reason to your action. This will be reviewed by the leadership. However if you have been determined to have violated the COC the following disciplinary actions will occur:

  • 1st offense: You will receive a written or verbal warning explaining your violation from an officer and will be required to cease and desist all behavior that caused the offense.
  • 2nd offense: You will be demoted to Recruit and put on a one month probationary period. If no further violations occur you can contact a officer to be reinstated as a full member.
  • 3rd offense: You will be immediately removed from the Alliance and placed on a banned list.

In the Alliance we believe people can grow and change, which can allow for SECOND CHANCES. You can reapply to become a member after one month has passed since you were banned. Your application will be reviewed by the leadership and you may be given a two month provisional membership. If you commit ANY violation of the COC during this time you will be removed from the kin, be permanently banned and reported to Standing stone.

If you are found guilty of violations to the COC that resulted from Sexual Harassment, Racism or Bullying you will be immediately removed from the Alliance, permanently banned and reported to Standing stone.


Section X: Leaving the Kinship

  • If you accidentally remove yourself from the kin you will not be penalized for doing so, we understand the human error possibility and will re-invite you should this happen, within a reasonable time frame. We just ask you to make the effort to get the attention of one of the kin officers.
  • We understand that at times, members wish to leave a kinship for various reasons. We are all adults here and will not question your decision to leave at any time. If you wish to return to The Alliance however, there will be a waiting period of no less than 30 days before you are considered to become a member again.
  • If you leave the kinship and “burn your bridges” here, the wait time will be extended to 60 days and will require a unanimous vote from the leadership before you are considered to become a member again.
  • If a member of the Alliance is leaving the game permanently, we kindly ask that you voluntarily remove any characters you have in the kinship before you log out your final time.
  • Not every kin is the perfect fit for every person. We understand that if you feel you'd be happier elsewhere, then you should find that happiness.

Sadly, not everyone leaves under good terms:

  • In a game such as this where we rely on text to communicate, not everything comes across as we intend. Facial expressions, voice inflections, small nuances, things we rely on to communicate effectively, are lost. Things get misunderstood, people get upset, and suddenly someone is storming off.
  • We are sad when that happens, but we aren't going to chase anyone down to make them stay. However, we do have one request to make in such an occurrence, however rare they may be.
  • Please don't drag the rest of the kin into it. Do not send out a kin-wide mail airing your discontent. These folks are in this game to have fun, not to be dragged into any perceived heart-wrenching drama. Please respect yourself and your fellow players by leaving them out of unpleasantness.
Lord Commander (Leader) of the Alliance

May your days be green and golden
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