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Abyss of Mordath 115 Raid

Date: Oct 17, 2020
Time: 11:30 AM
Posted by: Throllo
Category: Raids
I will be running the 115 Mordor raid, the Abyss of Mordath. Will likely need a full 12 person raid, sign up below!

Scheduled this event earlier in the day for the convenience of EU members :)

Time is set for 11:30 server time, but it'll likely be 11:45/12 start by the time we get everyone together :)
Tank (1)

M. Patlemon Guardian

Damage (6)

1. Throilo Burglar

3. Baxius Hunter

4. Fadda Warden

5. Calithil Rune-keeper

6. Dwardulf Rune-keeper

7. Isilwren Hunter

Support (1)

2. Manus Captain



A friend outside of Kin will be joining, Gipsy, level 130 minstrel from The Gentleman Basstards, so one slot is reserved for her
I will sign as a Maybe. Likely I can only join for an hour or 90 mins max as we have family coming round for dinner
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