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Level 50-51 School,Library and other instances

Date: Oct 06, 2019
Time: 03:00 PM
Posted by: Patmustard
Category: Raids
We will re-start our level 50 group on Sunday 6th October. Time will be 3PM server time. That is 3PM US East Coast - 8PM UK time

Open to all level 50-51 kinnies - we can,of course, take folks who are close to this range if needs be.

We will run both School and Library of Tham Mirdan at level 51. Both are pretty straightforward 3-folk instances, which can be run pretty fast. There is a ton of slayer deeds in the instances and it also can drop decent on-level gear.

Depending on the numbers we have, we will bring the groups together afterwards and run some other fun instances.

Please sign up here if you plan to join
Tank (2)

1. Patginger Guardian

7. Harseth Guardian

Damage (5)

3. Invictia Hunter

5. Siomir Rune-keeper

6. Aceah Burglar

8. Damnien Hunter

M. Deney Champion

Support (2)

2. Nepetia Minstrel

4. Taryrandir Lore-master



Oops managed to over level my guardian (Fafili) to level 52 but I can bring my LM (Taryandir) level 51 instead. If you really need a guardian Fafili is available.
I can either dps or heal with my RK (Siomir) and in case of need i can bring my other warden (out of kin) for tanking
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