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Low Level Skirms/Instances

Date: Oct 12, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 11:00 AM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Aydha/Ace
Category: Questing or Deeding
THIS WEEKS INSTANCE: Road to Erebor Series- Which instance we try will depend on how many ppl are present I would LOVE to try the Fires of Smaug raid but we'll have to see.

During these events we will be running Instances, Skirmishes, or both on low level characters. Levels 20 to 40 are welcome. Please sign up by clicking Yes, assigning your character an appropriate role.

Tank- Control the mobs to allow easier kills from the group (Usually Guards, Cappies, Beornings, Wardens)
Support- Crowd Controllers, Buffers, Debuffers, Healers (Usually LMs, Minis, Rks, Cappies, Beornings, Wardens)
DPS- Primarily deal damage (All Classes)

This is the Skirmish/Instance group. We will see what everyone can do before deciding on a goal for the day. Please try to arrive 10 minutes early. Thank you.
Tank (0)


Damage (6)

2. Yewdalin Rune-keeper

3. Thistlejolly Burglar

4. Gerratic Lore-master

5. Lorok Burglar

M. Calencelion Hunter

M. Talwynne Burglar

Support (2)

1. Tobasco Minstrel

M. Kolma Beorning



Ok so I'm in was trying to sign up under the oct 5th post. wondering why I wouldn't allow me to sign up. I added Yewdalin as she is a rk. and Yahtowing isn't in the kinship at this point.
That's fine, Yew, as long as your all signed up :) LOL I have done that before as well, tried to sign up on a past date LOL We're in good company :)
I'll probably be too late to make it.... darn...
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