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Deeding With Aydha's Alts

Date: Oct 10, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Aydha/Ace
Category: Questing or Deeding
Alliance Event: Yes

This week we will work on:
Finishing up Slayer Deeds and explorer deeds
Decide where we want to Deed Next

We have completed the following deeds:

Ridge Racer (Hidden Deed)
Ruins of Eregion
Wolf and Warg Slayer (tier 1)
Half Orc Slayer (Tier 1)
Minas Elendur Deeds in Eregion
Creban Slayer (Tier 1)
Lizards & Crawlers (Teir 1)
Dunlending Slayer (Teir 1)
Floyd & Dewitt Part Deaux- Started
Uruk Captains - Shatgotar, Logon
Ring Lore- all but 2
The Ring Goes South- Burnt Tor, Sirrinon Gate

We will be rotating Zones, but staying in a zone until deeds are completed there. You would need to be level appropriate (within 5 levels )to join in that zone if it is a higher level area in order to get credit for the deeds, however High Level players are always welcome in the low level zones...

  • Slayer Deeds
  • Explorer Deeds
  • Treasure Caches (Where available)
  • Discoveries (Location unlocks for discovery gated instances)
  • Hidden Deeds (Food, emote, jumping, etc)
  • Skirmish Deeds

What would you gain from these sessions?
  • Virtues
  • Titles
  • Deed related Rewards
  • LOTRO Points
  • Reputation increases
  • Friendship & Fun!

What Zones would this cover

Simply put: All of them, in good time and if this is a successful venture.

We will not start with the starter zones in Eriador, because most ppl have a lot of these deeds complete already and my goal at first is to see how much interest there will be in the group. If the group continues I will eventually work it into the rotation though.

Depending on how many people join, deeds will be completed fairly quickly, but it will still take time to complete the deed log. We may spend a few weeks in one zone, but eventually will move on to the next, the more people that join, the faster the deeds will be completed.

When would this group be and how long will it take per session?

The sessions will start off at 1 hour and a half and be adjusted as we settle in.
Thursday Nights at 7:00PM Please keep in mind that all times listed are server times ( EST U.S. New York Time). :)

What we WON'T be doing:

We will NOT be using accelerators unless you want to run Reputation or skill accelerators on your own.

Understand, however, that slayer deeds will be done until everyone in the group has completed their deed even if you used an accelerator or have previously completed it.

We won't be XP farming or trying to keep low levels alive in inappropriate areas (5+ levels over your character in most cases.)

We will also NOT BE QUESTING. You will be left with quest deeds on your own. If you happen to be questing there and complete a quest while deeding, great, but that will not be our goal. The reason for this is because the group will be mixed levels and the higher level players may have already completed these quests.


We have completed the following region's deeds:

Ridge Racer (Hidden Deed)
Ruins of Eregion
Wolf and Warg Slayer (tier 1)
Half Orc Slayer (Tier 1)
Floyd & Dewitt Part Deaux- Started

Lone Lands
Misty Mountains (Including Goblin Town)


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