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Level 50 Instances

Date: Sep 09, 2018
Time: 03:00 PM
Posted by: Patmustard
Category: Alliance
This Sunday 9th September we will run various instances at level 50, including the School and Library of Tham Mirdan in Eregion.

Time is 3PM server time which is 3PM US East Coast / 8PM UK time

Please sign up here if you would like to attend. Sign-ups will receive priority if the event is over-subscribed
Tank (2)

1. Patlemon Guardian

8. Nelhirgor Guardian

Damage (4)

4. maepn Hunter

9. Ayradell Burglar

M. Sognia Hunter

M. Adanuilar Rune-keeper

Support (5)

2. Ithileirien Lore-master

3. Bregod Captain

5. Thornfast Minstrel

6. Teasels Minstrel

7. Astarielle Captain



Just a headsup: I haven't had time to level my captain as well. So right now (and until further notice) it's only my LM that can come. 😆
No rush at all Sin thanks.
Registered as support but can do tank/DPS/heals depending on what's needed.
I've signed up but I have a birthday party scheduled on Sunday as well, so I hope I can make it.
I forgot that I have to attend a local charity BBQ on Sunday afternoon. I should be back in time however if I am in trouble or running late I will send a message to Fordil
So, this party starts at 2PM my time or 8AM server time. The level 50 instance event starts at 9PM my time (3PM server time) so I hope I can make it in time.
How do I change my registration from "maybe" to "yes"?
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