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Level 40 Annuminas Instances

Date: Jul 08, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 03:30 PM
Posted by: Patmustard
Category: Raids
Time / Date - Sunday 1st July 3.30PM server time - that's 3.30PM US EST / 8.30PM UK time
To take part you will need
- Be level 40, not above or not below
- Stone of the Tortoise to disable levelling. This can be purchased in the store for 100 LP
- Access to the kin website to you view the schedule and provide feedback
- Access to kin discord so you can hear instructions during the instances. Don’t worry mic is not needed just headphones so you can hear.
- You must run on-level only. If you accidently out-level the group, I am afraid you will have to wait until the group reaches the next level

Please note this is not a ‘hard-core’ raiding group for elites. I promise you it will be casual and hopefully a lot of fun. If you have not grouped before please feel free to join. We will take it easy at the start so you can be comfortable with your role in a group. It will be a good learning experience for all of us and we can help if you are worried about stuff like healing.
Even if you missed our level 20 and 30 events, you are very welcome to join the level 40 group.

We will try to run level 40 instances over a period of several weeks. Initially we can tackle the Annuminas instances but we also plan to try include several other runs including a reprise of the Great Barrows , Bells of Dale plus any others that anyone would like to try out

Please make sure you have some stat and regen food. If you need some crafted please let me know. Also grab some pots from healer npcs - wound, poison, fear etc.

Please sign up on this event if you would like to join. If you are bringing a support toon please indicate if you plan to dps or heal. We will need one tank and one healer on each run.
If we are over-subscribed for the first run we could split in to 2 or more groups. We will invite on the evening in the order of who signs up first, however if we have 2 groups we will try to balance each group with DPS, support, heals etc.

Please use the name of the toon you intend to bring when you sign up. If you have not already, add this toon to your profile on the top right corner of the page

PS – we will try set a time limit of an hour for each event so it should be enough time to complete 2 instances each time
Tank (2)

5. Patlemon Guardian

10. Nimilrain Captain

Damage (2)

6. Thogrit Hunter

9. maepan Champion

Support (8)

1. Teasels Minstrel

2. Melleia Captain

3. Taryrandir Lore-master

4. Chamelia Burglar

7. Alynael Lore-master

8. Lothadir Captain

11. Elarva Minstrel

12. Enoraen Rune-keeper



Ideally try to get on about 10 mins ahead of time so we can put together a 2nd group if needed. Also if you cannot make it on the day it would be a great help if you could put a note on here or send me a game mail. Last night we struggled to fill one group although we had 11 sign-ups.

See you next Sunday 😀
Happy Hunting
Hi Pat!

Sorry I was a few minutes late the other night; I'll be sure to get on earlier next time!
Hope all went well last week. Did you finish all three instances?

Looking forward!
Hey chamelia -it was no problem at all. I know its an awkward time for you.

We got a group of 6 together and did 2 of the instances - it went very well thanks

See you next week :)
I have 2 toons at lvl 40, if theres a preference between LM or Mini let me know. :)
We had 3 minnies in the group last Sunday so LM sounds perfect Lylacinth. For personal reasons my guard would be most appreciative of the LM power share, I am still getting used to playing a guard but often I am out of power mid-fight, which is not good. But it is handy that you have the option to bring either class 😀
Signed up as a support but I can also tank if we put together a 2nd group. :)
Sounds good - thanks Loth
ill be there as my hunter maepn
I'm late signing up, but I plan to be there today. I have to make one trip over to the animal kennel to pick up the animales (we just got back from DC last night). The kennel is open at 2:30ET, so I SHOULD be back by 3pm. Just a head's up in case something holds me up and I am a bit late. Im still coming along unless you fill up. I am flexible and understanding if that is the case, too. Thanks!!

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