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Role Playing Mission Events

Date: May 19, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Plutra
Category: Roleplay
Hello kin-mates, officers and kin-friends. This is the loveable hobbit lass Plutra re-announcing the newest round of upcoming RP events. ^_^'

As before but new and improved I will be hosting a series of special role playing events over the next couple weekends. Depending on attendees I will welcome the chance to do a couple in the afternoon or evenings of Saturdays and Sundays est USA. The times will be finalized after I get some feed back of whom may be attending.

(Future events will happen on corresponding Sundays and Saturdays as participants continue to sign up. And as situations allow.)

I wish to give everyone who wishes to attend the time to prepare so I will make the announcements in game as well as via kin mail.

An outline script is available of the nightly event as well as re-caps of anything we have done so new players can jump in when ever. Just let me know and I'll happily fill you in one on one.

These RP sessions are available for all avatars and alts from every level. Depending on who wishes to attend please contact me via in game kin mail.

We will be meeting at the kinhouse before the events to go over rules and checks to make sure everyone gets into role playing chat.

And we will be going to have fun from there.

So If you wish to attend the event please rsvp before the event nights on the kin page to this posting or to Plutra's in game mail. Guaranteed fun will be had by all. So practice your Middle Earth lore and elvish. dwarvish, common tongue or black speech because things are going to be interesting.

To wet your appetites for role playing here is what to expect! ...

The Alliance is well known through Middle Earth as a group of heroes who are willing to volunteer themselves to brave the front lines of war and even to the mundane rescuing of a stupid cat from a Bree-land tree, which often turns out to be an angry huron in the Old Forest and things get dodgy from there.

Requests come in from all over Middle Earth asking for assistance for various jobs and missions, rewards are usually offered and details included with the messages, but sometimes the requests are vague and surprises of horror or comedic hilarity will ensue.

The following chronicles are stories told by the Kinship Bards who happily get drunk and ramble on about missions and journeys their kin mates have made, who survived, who loved, who died and who lied about going at all.

Pull up a chair and access the local chronicle session play book, take a dip in a reflecting pool or join up in the raid/instance panel and listen to the stories as they unfold...

Hope to see all you there in game! 'cha! and merow yall! =^_^=
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