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Back in my day...

Date: Jun 30, 2017
Time: 05:00 PM
Posted by: Fordil
Category: Raids
Hello all!

This series of events was inspired by veteran players complaining that the game has become too easy, and that instances and raids were much better in the past.

Every last Friday of the month, I will organize an instance or raid from the old runs. Events will be held on Friday afternoons at 5PM servertime to make it possible for players in America, Europe and Australia to join, unless many people request another time.

Last time we destroyed the evil presence in the dark tower of Barad Guldur. Even though some of the battles were started prematurely because some people weren't in TS, we were victorious and brought down the evil with no major problems. It could have caused a wipe though, and to prevent that, attending raiders will from now on be required to join us in a VOIP server (either TS, Discord or maybe something else we may be using by then). Speaking won't be needed so you can still join us without a mic, the most important part is that you can hear the explanations and instructions.

This month, on June 30, we will test our mettle against the corrupted wizard Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc. This raid is fixed at lvl 75 and can be accessed by people who have the Rise of Isengard expansion pack (or the Isengard instance cluster) AND have discovered the physical entrance to the raid, which is at the Ox-clan merchant camp in Nan CurunĂ­r (79.9S, 0.4E). There are 2 ways to discover the place: either through the quest Bringing Hope to the Hopeless from Mabon in Galtrev, which will teleport you to the camp, or by riding there through the Nan CurunĂ­r landscape.

I try to complete the raid guide in the BIMD forum of the events section at least 24h before the start of the event so people will have a chance of looking it through before we start, but I will also explain every part of the raid once we're there (so don't fear that you need to study every detail before we go in ;) ).

People who sign up for the event on the website have priority over people trying to join when we are setting it up. Please try to log in a few minutes before the start of the event so we don't lose too much time gathering people who want to join. We will provide a 5 minute break in the middle, unless if we're flying through.

Any questions can be mailed to Nosdun.

See you there!

EDIT: the guide is completed and can be found here
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1. Aurun Guardian

Damage (1)

2. Edorund Rune-keeper

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3. Nidge Minstrel


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Ford - I just bought the Isengard Instance cluster a short while ago. I haven't done all the runs yet. Will this mean I wont have unlocked ToO so far?

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