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Roving Threats Raid Series 2017

Date: Jun 03, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 03:30 PM
Posted by: Werrick
Category: Raids
Come on, join your kinnies and have fun!

Earn 50 Gift Giver's Brands and get your Legendary First Age Weapon or pocket item. We will be killing Roving threats to earn these Gift Giver's Brands which can be exchanged at any of the Roving Threats quartermasters. We will cover several different zones like Angmar, Gondor, Esteldin, Misty Mountains, or where there are Roving Threats present.

1. RTs now appear in Western Gondor, Central Gondor, Forochel, Angmar, and Misty Mountains. In the new zones, there is a RT Quartermaster who both gives the daily quest to kill the RT, and also serves as a barter vendor.
2. Completing a RT quest gives you 1 or 3 Gift-Giver Brands, which are the RT barter currency. Brands also can drop from the RTs themselves when you kill them.\
3. As of now, you have to talk to the Quartermaster to get the quest and complete it. No autobestowing or autocompletions.
4. The new RTs appear to follow the same spawn pattern as the RTs in Central Gondor. Each zone has a number of established spawn areas. At the start of each day, each RT is assigned a particular spawn area for the day. It "paces" in that small area, but doesn't go far. When killed, it respawns in that same area (on Bullroarer, the respawn is currently about 5 mins). Once you know the location for a RT for the day, it will always be there.
5. Central Gondor RTs are gated behind reputation level. Tier 1 requires acquaintance; Tier 2 requires friend; Tier 3 requires ally.
6. Other RTs do not appear gated by reputation. Instead, I indicate how many Brands you get for completing the quest. The small fellowship RTs give 1 Brand, larger fellowship RTs give 3 Brands.

We shall meet Saturday Afternoons meeting at 3:30 Server time, outside West Bree Gate. We shall start the event at 3:45 pm server time. If any other event is scheduled at the time of this event that event will get priority, but as soon as it is over we will travel to our destination. We need a good turn out, the more the merrier there may be some that we can do between 3 to 6 in a fellowship. A lot of the threats I have done have been easily taken down with 6 and above. Weekly emails will be sent out as a reminder for these raids. These raid will continue until further notice. Remember real life is always first so if you miss a raid there will be anoher to attend as long as the interest is there. From these vendors not only can you receive LI's but also house furnishings.

For more information on roving threats, please read this article.


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