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Welcome to the Home of The Alliance Kinship

A billowing of thunder rumbles far to the east, like a Dwarven funeral song, heralding the awakening of an ominous evil. Menacing clouds flow from the Ash Mountains, blanketing all of Middle-earth in a veil of darkness. The Eye of Mordor flares alive, calling forth its sinister allies to bend to their master's iron will. The callous storm reaches out, like fingers of death, belching lightning from the sky, killing hope with each fatal touch. Weak souls run from the wickedness that has touched the land.

Yet some stand against this foul tide, with teeth bared, snarling oaths of victory that spit from their lips like war cries of vengeance. They strive forward with steel and lore, united to conquer and defeat the growing evil of Mordor. Together, we bring peace and justice to our beloved Middle-earth. Together, we are The Alliance.


Founded October 22 2011 on the LoTRO Landroval Server, The Alliance is a shared leadership kin and is comprised of all the races of Middle-earth. Our diverse, adult membership spans the globe, including Founders and Veteran player who are always willing to share their experience and knowledge. The Alliance currently has members from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceanic regions.

We are a laid-back kin that welcomes all player types, levels, cultures and creeds that are looking to enhance their game play with a respectful and socially supportive experience. We believe in real life always coming first, and many of our raids and social events are organic in their creation. Therefore, if you are looking for a heavy role-playing, power leveling, intense raiding or grinding kin, we are not for you.

To become a member of The Alliance and battle the evils of Middle-earth, please contact an Officer in-game or sign up on our website.

To review our Code of Conduct, please click this link.

Note from the Editor: The newsletter is capable of being viewed by anyone that can find The Alliance kinship site. However, only members who are logged into the site can access all of the links contained within the newsletter.

Letter from the Leadership Council:
- Hello kinnies :-)

Welcome to the Summer issue of The Alliance Quarterly! With Lord of the Rings Online entering the second decade of it's lifetime we're preparing to march towards the Black Gate of Mordor. While the final release date of the Mordor expansion hasn't been set yet, we can concentrate our efforts on other events with known schedules. Which are they?

Of course summer - favourite time for vacation, more-or-less active rest and summer trips. From the L/C I want to wish all of you safe travels wherever your trips may lead you. And i hope to see you all back in Middle-Earth after your return. Rested, in good spirits and with joyful memories of your vacation.

The 28th of June started the Summer Festival. I would like to remind you all, that there's still The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt running too - it should finish after the end of Summer Festival, on 14th of July.

In Autumn The Alliance celebrates it's 6th birthday. We have prepared a brief post on the history of our kin - you can find it here. Of course we are planning a kin party related to this anniversary, but you don't have to wait only for this one -- there are more events running on regular basis as you can see in the list below.

May the light of stars shine upon your path :-)

Werrick, Sword-Bearer of The Alliance -

Member Focus of the Quarter:

Hailing from the land of the Queen mother. She may be a wee lass, but she makes up for it with a big wit. Meet Flo!
See HERE for more of her story.

Special Event: Throne of the Dread Terror - Hosted by Sindarel

Member Led Events or Groups:
  • Alliance Allegretto - The Alliance Kinship Band - Practice and meetings 1st Saturday of the month 2 PM Servertime - Open to new members - Contact Tabriel
  • Completionist Group - Strict on-level quest and deeding group - Every Sat: 8:00 PM-11:00 PM Servertime and Sun 6PM-8PM Servertime - Currently completing Completionist: Rise of Isengard, with Completionist: Riders of Rohan content coming soon! - Contact Maranwethiel
  • Story Tell Cafe - Role play session - Meetings every other week on Sun 1:00 PM Servertime - Open to all kinmembers wishing to play in character - Contact Morichaint
  • Roving Threats - Group to raid level for members 95 and up - Every Sat 3:30 PM Servertime - All members 95-105 welcome - Contact Werrick
  • Back in my Day - Classic Raiding revisits for all Kinmembers. Happens every last Friday of the month at 5 PM Servertime. - Contact Fordil
  • The Leveling Group - Hang out with your kinnies as you level up. Groups on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - Contact Liliemae
PPRC and Allied Kinships Sponsored Events:
  • Deeding Night - Hosted by Knights of the White Lady - Weekly meeting at 9PM servertime for deeding. - Contact Ashigaru

General Kinship Information:

All Classes - All Races - All Alliance

- Have something that you want added to the next issue of the Newsletter? Please contact Maranwethiel, with details. -