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Welcome to the Home of The Alliance Kinship

A billowing of thunder rumbles far to the east, like a Dwarven funeral song, heralding the awakening of an ominous evil. Menacing clouds flow from the Ash Mountains, blanketing all of Middle-earth in a veil of darkness. The Eye of Mordor flares alive, calling forth its sinister allies to bend to their master's iron will. The callous storm reaches out, like fingers of death, belching lightning from the sky, killing hope with each fatal touch. Weak souls run from the wickedness that has touched the land.

Yet some stand against this foul tide, with teeth bared, snarling oaths of victory that spit from their lips like war cries of vengeance. They strive forward with steel and lore, united to conquer and defeat the growing evil of Mordor. Together, we bring peace and justice to our beloved Middle-earth. Together, we are The Alliance.


Founded October 22 2011 on the LoTRO Landroval Server, The Alliance is a shared leadership kin and is comprised of all the races of Middle-earth. Our diverse, adult membership spans the globe, including Founders and Veteran players who are always willing to share their experience and knowledge. The Alliance currently has members from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceanic regions.

We are a laid-back kin that welcomes all player types, levels, cultures and creeds that are looking to enhance their game play with a respectful and socially supportive experience. We believe in real life always coming first, and many of our raids and social events are organic in their creation. Therefore, if you are looking for a heavy role-playing, power leveling, intense raiding or grinding kin, we are not for you.

To become a member of The Alliance and battle the evils of Middle-earth, please contact an Officer in-game or sign up on our website.

To review our Code of Conduct, please click this link.

Note from the Editor: The newsletter is capable of being viewed by anyone that can find The Alliance kinship site. However, only members who are logged into the site can access all of the links contained within the newsletter.

Letter from the Leadership Council:
- Hail! Kinmates of The Alliance!

Welcome to the Fall issue of The Alliance Newsletter! In our last quarter we saw the first major expansion to the game under Standing Stone Games: Mordor! With this expansion the storyline following The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to an end; but the story for LOTRO goes on into the black land to face the evil that remains. The expansion also saw the introduction of a new Race: High Elves; with the resulting population explosion of High Elf Captains. The Alliance continues to thrive and grow and its members are bravely forging into Mordor to cleanse it of the evil that dwells there.

During my time in The Alliance I have always found it to be a great group of friendly, fun, and helpful people from all over the world. I have also found it to be alive in the sense that it is always changing and evolving. Real Life happens and members come and go as they balance their lives. Some of our members have had to step back from play as the demands of their life call on them. But others are returning to the game as they find more time than they used to. Some of our activities, such as our weekly RT raid and the Completionist Group continue strongly. Others are having to evolve as new leaders are stepping up to relieve older leaders who have had to step back some - such as is happening with our kin band. Other activities are taking a break as their leaders deal with changes in their lives.

So - I'd like to use this opportunity to appeal to all kinmates to look around and find ways to have fun with the kinship. Is challenging group content your thing? Let people know and help organize some events. Help encourage and train members who are intimidated by challenging content. Help people prepare themselves for the harder stuff. Do you like role play - whether serious or casual? Maybe you could help resume some of the RP activities that are on hold - or start your own. Teach people how to do it. Encourage people who try it. Do you like making music? Join the kin band. Help train people in the mechanics of LOTRO music. Do you like parties? Help organize one. Help advertise them. Go to them. Let your hair down and have a good time. Join a leveling group - or start one of your own. Ask for help in the game. Join others when they ask.

The Fall is a great time for parties. The game always has its festivals - but that doesn't mean that the kinship can't have a party of its own. I'd like to organize some kind of fall party for the kinship with some fun party games - maybe a murder mystery party or a treasure hunt with riddles. As the Quartermaster of The Alliance I manage the kinship crafting neighborhood. One thing about that neighborhood that most folk don't think about is the opportunities it presents for special events. I control all 30 houses in that neighborhood which allows me and my helpers to decorate every house in any way we wish. It can be a perfect venue for large parties or role playing events. If you're interested in things along these lines let me know.

May your beard continue to grow longer,
Roason, Quartermaster of The Alliance -

Member Focus of the Quarter:

Finally, after many months of battling orcs, he was finally backed into a corner and forced to give us the goods.
Here is our faithful leader extreme, Ralia!
See HERE for what makes him tick.

Member Led Events or Groups:
  • Alliance Allegretto - The Alliance Kinship Band - Practice and meetings on first Saturday of each month, 2:00 PM Servertime - Open to new members - Contact Tabriel or Sindarel
  • Completionist Group - Strict on-level quest and deeding group - Every Sat: 8:00 PM-11:00 PM Servertime and Sun 6PM-8PM Servertime - Currently completing Completionist: Riders of Rohan, Wildermore, and Helm's Deep! - Contact Maranwethiel
  • Roving Threats - Group to raid level for members 95 and up - Every Sat 3:30 PM Servertime - All members 95-115 welcome - Contact Werrick
  • Story Tell Cafe - currently on hold.
  • Back in my Day - currently on hold.
  • The Leveling Group - currently on hold.

General Kinship Information:

There will be a kin-roster audit both in-game and on the kinship site coming this fall. We will send out a mail to let members know, once we have the date narrowed down. Read more about the audit HERE.

All Classes - All Races - All Alliance

- Have something that you want added to the next issue of the Newsletter? Please contact Maranwethiel, with details. -